Did Big Sean find a way to grow well beyond puberty?

Big Sean may wish to change his name to Bigger Sean following his latest claim. The Detroit rapper claimed in his Instagram Stories that he’d grown two inches thanks to visits to the chiropractor.

The handyman from “Blessings” wrote about a video of himself and his boy Ronnie who said he was 1.70 m tall: “How the hell do I grow 2 inches?” “Chiropractor twice a week for a year at a time , that’s the way it is. Straight spine like that. ”

“N – try to hate me like I’m five-six,” he continued. “No, really, I’ve probably grown a couple of inches.”


So, does visiting a chiropractor really help you grow? Sadly no. Page Six reports that, according to experts at The Body of Beverly Hills Wellness Center, “you actually get a few inches taller,” but that patients “may notice a change in height after a few sessions.”

“The secret lies in the spine adjustments and postural changes that occur in chiropractic care,” says The Body of Beverly Hills Wellness Center.

Commentators have called Sean’s revelation nothing more than just Cap. One commenter wrote, “It’s your hair and your sneaker dog. Calm down, little guy. ”

Another commenter added, “The fact that he even posted this shows how insecure he is about it. Nobody cares.”

Lol, good.

Big Season still wins in life, regardless of size, for very obvious reasons * cough * Jhene Aiko.