Big Sean is two inches taller - but not from growing

Big Sean – Getty

* A simple Google search shows that there is a scientific consensus that most men stop growing between the ages of 17 and 20. But according to 33-year-old rapper Big Sean, he’s only got two inches taller, like by People. reported. His secret? Well, first of all, he hasn’t really grown, but in his opinion going to the chiropractor is the reason he’s bigger than ever.

“How the hell do I get 2 inches tall?” Sean said via an Instagram post while standing next to his friend Ronnie, who Sean said was 1.70 m tall. “Chiropractor twice a week for a year at a time, that’s it. Straight spine like that. “

“N-s try to hate me like I’m five-six,” he added in the clip. “No, really, I’ve probably grown a couple of inches.”

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Big Sean grows 2 inches (Instagram)Big Sean grows 2 inches (Instagram)

According to experts at The Body of Beverly Hills Wellness Center, chiropractors “can’t actually make you a few inches taller,” but patients “can notice a change in your height after a few sessions”.

“The secret lies in the spine adjustments and postural changes that occur in chiropractic care,” says The Body of Beverly Hills Wellness Center.

After a blogger posted Sean’s videos again, fans made fun of rapper “Mercy” in the comments section.

“It’s your hair and your sneaker dog,” wrote one person. “Calm down, little guy.”

Another said: “The fact that he even posted this shows how insecure he is about it. Nobody cares.”

Big Sean (Getty)Big Sean (Getty)

By the way, when Sean – real name Sean Michael-Leonard Anderson – made his debut as “Big Sean” for the first time, many wondered how he earned the “big” nickname given his stature.

The Detroit-raised rapper told E! News that he had a mentor who grew up in Detroit, also named Sean, who was six feet tall.

At the time, Sean was a little boy about six feet tall, so he asked to be called “Big Sean” as a joke, and the much taller Sean was called “Little Sean”.

Um, we’re not sure that explanation about his name made much sense, but it’s better than nothing we assume. 🙂