Chiropractor is changing the game with cutting edge virtual neuropathy homecare

PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / October 10, 2021 / Dr. Dan McClimon, DC, BCN, is pleased to announce the launch of, an online platform for his virtual practice, where he and his colleagues treat people with neuropathy 100% at home. is a website dedicated to bridging generations by addressing the causes of neuropathy and preventing the condition from robbing people of their joie de vivre.

The Restore Home Care Program is a systematic home care routine that often results in people naturally healing their neuropathy within 3-12 months. Patients will learn to identify and eliminate the causes of neuropathy, manage neuropathy with bespoke targeted nutritional and supplement strategies and state-of-the-art biohacking techniques, and maintain progress with personalized lifestyle solutions, longevity planning and integrated health practices as part of the program. Chiropractic and Neuropathy Therapy are having a huge impact and helping people experience real healing. The system makes it easy for people to understand the condition of neuropathy, identify underlying causal factors, the body’s ability to heal when the right conditions are in place, and get the tools and guidance they need to to take care of yourself. Having the right tools for the job, using them with the right time and repetition, and using the right combination of components for a synergistic effect are the most important factors in achieving healing of damaged tissue.

Potential patients can request advice on how to detect neuropathy at the website. The consultation includes a personal video call with Dr. Dan, a Neuropathy Sensory Assessment, a home test kit sent to your door, a personal video call report, and personalized recommendations for the Neuropathy Home Care Protocol.

If it is determined that a potential health participant is well suited for the program, they will meet with Dr. McClimon and colleagues to discuss their options and begin their treatment plan. He has built a network of people who have suffered from neuropathy and are on the way to recovery that new program participants are encouraged to join. The team at then supports and encourages health participants on their healing journey. If necessary, step-by-step reassessments and protocol adjustments are carried out and addressed.

Dr. McClimon is known for his work, and he and his team at have a long history of grateful health subscribers. has its testimonials available. Patients with conditions such as numbness, diabetic nerve pain, muscle weakness, burning and tingling sensations, and tenderness to touch have all had positive results.

According to the website, “The hope is to reclaim your life”. “There is hope that your neuropathy will be cured.”

About Dr. Dan McClimon: Dan McClimon, DC, BCN is a neurology based chiropractor and the founder of In Philadelphia, PA, he and his wife run one of the largest neuropathy and chiropractic practices in the country. He is the author of the book “Reversing Neuropathy Naturally: Addressing the Cause”. Dr. Dan and his wife are currently working with 6 associated doctors and an excellent team to ensure the best possible care. was created to help this unique home neuropathy treatment service reach a wider audience.

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