Community News: Fitzgibbon Chiropractic Celebrates Five Years Anniversary (09/17/21)

September marks the fifth anniversary of the Fitzgibbon Chiropractic Clinic, which opened on September 6, 2016. Dr. During this time, Kylie Clemons has used chiropractic care to relieve pain and build relationships with local mothers-to-be, men, women and children from newborns. The Fitzgibbon Chiropractic Clinic is now located next to the Fitzgibbon Orthopedics and Sports Medicine on the second floor of the Fitzgibbon Hospital.

?? One of the reasons chiropractic treatment is built into Fitzgibbon Hospital is because insurance companies often want to perform less invasive treatments before approving surgery ?? said Clemons. ?? It is very convenient for our patients as they can immediately make an appointment with Fitzgibbon Orthopedic and Sports Medicine at the same desk if their injury needs medical care outside of my practice. ??

While there are other chiropractic clinics in the Marshall area, Dr. Clemons the only woman to offer chiropractic care. As a new mom herself, her understanding of the issues facing pregnant women helps care for many women referred by Marshall Women’s Care as well as other gynecological clinics in the area.

?? We care for women chiropractically up to birth, ?? said Clemons. Chiropractic in pregnancy has been shown to reduce labor times and help the baby move into a better position for eventual arrival.

Clemons also cares for newborn babies who may have chiropractic problems after birth. This can often lead to problems that affect the baby’s growth and development during its most formative period.

In addition to standard chiropractic care, Dr. Clemons is certified in chiropractic sports medicine, which enables her to specialize in the care of athletes on local high school and college sports teams. As part of these skills, she offers free physical exercise to students from the area’s school districts.

?? If I’ve been to a sporting event and need to stabilize an athlete’s spine after an injury, I am qualified for this care ,? said Clemons.

In 2018, Fitzgibbon Hospital added MLS laser therapy to the offer of Dr. Clemons added to her clinic. This ?? deep heat ?? The therapy alleviates the pain of a number of conditions that cause loss of mobility and productivity in people in pain, as well as in athletes who may have sustained a sports injury. Each treatment takes between three minutes and 10 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

?? This deep heat therapy works for conditions like bursitis, arthritis, plantar fasciitis in the soles of the feet, sprains and strains. It’s always nice to see someone start moving their fingers again after MLS laser therapy treatment, for example after having arthritis in their hands ?? said Dr. Clemons. ?? University athletes receive a discount on the MLS laser therapy service. However, high school athletes typically don’t get MLS because we are unable to treat over a growth plate.

If you are in need of chiropractic care, MLS laser therapy, or are an athlete in a local school district in need of an exercise exam, Dr. Clemons new patient. Call 660-831-3743 to make an appointment.