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Chiropractic doctors are essential to America’s health care

Your patients, as well as your family and friends, are counting on you to help them through this difficult time. If you are an entrepreneur, your employees count on you too.

In “normal” times you could escape the pressure by meeting friends (without a mask), going to a restaurant or maybe to the cinema. Now we are trying to find this new normal as a society and bring it as close as possible to the old normal

We are in it together

Last year we told the story of the two young chiropractors who graduated from DC 30 years ago, both near the top of the same senior year and full of enthusiasm to get into chiropractic. When they returned for their 30 year reunion, both chiropractors and families were married and kept in touch over the years. But while one was working in a multi-doctor practice, the other had set up his own multi-location practice and, as CEO, was thinking of early retirement.

Two Chiropractic Doctors: And The Difference?

How and why did the two DCs go their separate ways? Both were looking for success. Both were almost top of the class in school. Both entered the field with enthusiasm. The difference was the business of chiropractic – learning the economics of the industry. The future CEO subscribed to Chiropractic Economics and gained the knowledge to take his practice to the next level.

Let our knowledge be your strength

Chiropractic Economics is the only BPA-approved publication requested by more than 20,000 chiropractic doctors. That’s why we are voted the # 1 Most Trusted and Most Used Publication by DCs every year.

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