Discover chiropractic: good health with a sense of home

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TRUSSVILLE – As Dr. Craig Mix moved to Trussville from Canada in 2003, he found more than just a great place to open his chiropractic office, he found a new hometown.

“I came here and immediately felt at home,” said Dr. Mix. “The culture of the south is incredible. The weather is warm, people are warmer, barbecuing is an art, college football is a way of life, and churches are around every corner. We also have beaches in the south and mountains in the north. It’s the perfect piece of paradise. “

It is this hometown appeal that has drawn many people to the Trussville area, and so Dr. Mix make his practice known as Discover Chiropractic – as a chiropractor in your hometown.

“We’re here in the heart of Trussville in this old 1950s house that we converted into a doctor’s office,” he said. The office is on South Chalkville Road, just blocks from the new entertainment district. “We have been serving Trussville since 1999 and are here to stay.”

Dr. Mystery.

The hometown atmosphere brought Dr. Peter Riddle back to Trussville to get into the practice as well.

Dr. Riddle began working as a massage therapist at Discover Chiropractic and became so interested in the field that he went back to school in Atlanta to do his PhD in chiropractic.

“Trussville practically raised me and now I can give them something back,” said Riddle. “I grew up in Trussville, graduated from Trussville, and married a girl from Trussville,” he said. When he decided to go back to school, Dr. Mix Life University in Atlanta.

“My wife is a Delta flight attendant and is based in Atlanta,” said Riddle. “When I finished school, we decided it was time to start a family.

Dr. Mix invited Riddle to come into the office, which strengthened the hometown connection and the family environment in the office.

“It was an incredible place to get in,” he said. “I can speak from Dr. Learn to mix. The family environment we have here is unbeatable. ”Riddle says he likes to bond with old friends, many of whom have families as well. He studied Advanced Pediatrics as part of his education and put his skills into practice to help pregnant mothers, babies and toddlers.

In the comfortable, homely exterior of the building, you’ll find an office with some of the most advanced equipment in the industry, including a high-resolution digital X-ray machine and an Insight Discovery Subluxation Station (IDSS) – a device so advanced it was originally used by NASA to monitor the wellbeing of astronauts on space shuttle missions.

Patient with IDSS device.

The IDSS, not available in most doctor’s offices, measures heart rate, muscle tone, and organ performance and combines the results into a health value that makes it easy for patients to understand – allowing doctors to spend more time with each patient.

“The scanning device at Discover Chiropractic takes chiropractic care in Trussville to a whole new level. It’s completely non-invasive and painless, ”said Mix. “This advanced scanner uses sensors that monitor and combine heart rate variability, motor nerves, muscle asymmetry, and autonomic nerve function to give each patient an easy-to-understand health score. With this technology, we can help you uncover the source of your pain, accurately measure your overall health, determine how much stress you are, and how effectively your body is coping with your stress. The scan results give us the information we need to adjust your treatment and monitor your progress with successive re-exams and scans, ”he said.

Both doctors place special emphasis on making patients comfortable and say that many people are surprised at how gentle the adjustments really can be. They also pay special attention to new patients, training them about equipment, processes, and treatment methods.

“Everyone is nervous the first time they see a chiropractor. That’s normal, ”said Mix. “We get to know them, do some tests, and find out what’s really going on with them first before we decide to treat them,” he said.

Dr. Mix believes it is important that patients understand what is going on with their body. The first examination can take an hour as the doctors sit with each patient and explain the results of the examination in detail before the first treatment.

“We also work closely with other doctors and refer them if necessary,” said Mix. “We have a good reputation with orthopedists and neurologists and we all work as a team to help the patient.”

Discover Chiropractic is open six days a week and open for appointments or visits. They accept most major insurance companies and can have a payment plan for patients who prefer to pay cash or who do not have insurance.

Doctors see plenty of room to grow with the community and add more ministries to serve the people of Trussville. They like stress that chiropractic is much more than working the spine or dealing with back pain – it can benefit the entire body.

“Chiropractic is an important piece of the puzzle to be healthy,” said Mix. “In addition to watching what you eat and exercising regularly, chiropractic care is just as important because it keeps your spine healthy and enables your body to move and function optimally.”

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