May 30, 2022 / PRZen / AURORA, Colorado – Did you know that a chiropractor can help diagnose and treat your headaches? There are several reasons you might be prone to headaches, and there may be more correlations between your back pain and headaches than you think. Here at Discover Health & Wellness, we want to help you relieve your headaches by assessing, diagnosing, and then treating the pain.

Chiropractic has been proven to help our clients who suffer from cervicogenic or tension headaches. Depending on the type and frequency of your headaches, we may suggest different treatment options, such as: B. manual or soft tissue therapy or electrical stimulation and acupuncture. In addition, you may want to consider lifestyle changes. If you don’t know where to start, start with Discover Health & Wellness where we will assess your specific situation and guide you to rehabilitation.

Headache relief at home

If you’re out of town and can’t visit us, that doesn’t mean you don’t want relief. Suppose you cannot book an appointment. In that case, there are a few stretches you can do to help relieve your headache: the cervical spine stretch, the chest stretch, and the levator scapulae stretch.

Read our blog: Three Stretches for Headache Relief to learn how to perform these stretches.

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If you’re struggling with a headache, Discover Health & Wellness can help! We are trained to treat the root cause of your pain and can help get you back to your routine. So if you’re struggling with any form of pain, whether it’s in your head or any other part of your body, give us a call and make an appointment today!

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dr Keppen Laszlo founded Discover Health & Wellness in 1999. A passionate advocate for health, Dr. Laszlo working to change the healthcare landscape. He worked to deliver patient-centered, results-driven chiropractic care that addressed health issues at their core. The Colorado community embraced this approach, and today Discover Health and Wellness is one of the largest health and wellness centers in the country. We currently have eight offices in Aurora, Denver, Broomfield, Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Northglenn, Uptown and Westminster.

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