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St. John Fisher College and Northeast College of Health Sciences, formerly New York Chiropractic College, have announced a 4 + 3 program that enables qualified biology students at Fisher to earn their bachelor’s and doctorate degrees within seven years.

“This program provides our students with an accelerated path to a bachelor’s and doctorate degree that prepares them for careers in chiropractic, and is another way college provides our students with access to affordable, transformative education,” said Ann Marie Fallon , Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Fisher.

To be considered for the program, students must be enrolled in Fisher’s undergraduate biology program and meet Northeast College entry requirements. Students must apply for admission one year before the desired admission date. Northeast College automatically awards merit scholarships of $ 1,500 to students with GPAs between 3.0 and 3.4 and $ 2,500 to students with GPAs over 3.5.

“We are proud to partner with St. John Fisher College to promote educational, leadership opportunities and academic excellence,” said Michael Mestan, president of Northeast College. “This partnership strongly reflects our interprofessional nature and we look forward to welcoming Fisher students who wish to continue their education, rethink health and do their PhD here at Northeast.”

Fisher President Gerard Rooney added that such partnerships are consistent with the college’s mission to provide student-centered education.

“Fisher was founded as a liberal arts institution that develops intellectual skills and curiosity in our students,” he said. “Partnerships like these enable our students to seamlessly continue their education and expand these skills, sharpen their professional interests and prepare them for their career choices.”