Free gift cards for Peachtree City residents receiving a COVID-19 vaccine

Georgia Clinic with free COVID-19 vaccines, gift card incentive through grant program

Efforts continue to increase immunization rates for underserved areas. A Fayette County clinic uses an incentive-based approach.

Efforts continue to increase immunization rates for underserved people in the Atlanta metropolitan area. The Healing Bridge Clinic in Peachtree City provides free medical care to people who otherwise cannot afford it.

“We serve general medicine, dermatology, orthopedics, chiropractic, emotional health counseling, addiction counseling. We also do some physical therapy,” said Mike Conaway, Executive Dir. Klinik Heilbrücke.

Mike Conaway, Executive Director of The Healing Bridge Clinic, speaks to FOX 5

But they said even the prospect of free health care is not enough to convince some patients to get vaccinated against COVID-19, particularly the poor and often minority patients.

And so, through a grants program, they’re offering free COVID-19 shots and $50 Kroger gift cards for every shot.

“And that’s a game changer for these families when it comes to putting gas in the car or buying groceries. You know, getting what they need might come naturally to you and me,” Conaway said.

The Healing Bridge Clinic is giving away $50 gift cards to patients who agree to a Covid vaccination

Staci Lassig is a healthcare worker who deals directly with Healing Bridge patients. She said combating both mistrust and misinformation can be difficult when it comes to educating them about the vaccines.

She said that they are often hesitant at first, but later feel it’s the right thing and the right time to do it.

According to Healing Bridge, patients can get the vaccine by providing very, very little information, not even your name is required.

Staci Lassig works with patients to better understand vaccines

For more information, visit The Healing Bridge Clinic online.

The Healing Bridge Clinic only serves Fayette County, but they said interested parties could potentially find a similar clinic in other counties across the state.