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Whole Health focuses on what matters most to each of us. It empowers people to engage in thorough mindfulness and self-care, recognizing the fundamental importance of healthy diet, activity, sleep, relationships, environment, and many other areas of our lives that contribute to our health and wholeness. Whole Health supports patient-centric, proactive, whole-person care. Conventional tests and treatments are combined with complementary and integrative health strategies such as yoga, tai chi and acupuncture. Whole Health resources can support anyone on their journey to optimal health.

Kansas City VA Medical Center proudly offers:

The way:

Veterans explore their mission, aspiration, and purpose (MAP) and begin creating their Personal Health Plan (PHP). The Pathway includes the following classes:
Introduction to holistic health: Presents key information about the Whole Health approach and available offerings.
Taking responsibility for my life and health (TCMLH): Allows the Veteran to explore what matters most in their life.

Clinical total health care:

Within Whole Health, conventional medicine is used alongside complimentary and integrative health (CIH) offerings and personalized health planning to provide a veteran-centric, innovative approach to self-care and total care.
CIH Services: Acupuncture, Biofeedback, Clinical Hypnosis, Guided Imagination, Massage, Therapy, Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga and Chiropractic.
Health coaching: Individual and/or group coaching.
Advance Care Planning via Group Visit (ACP-GV) class:Answers questions about Advanced Care Planning and Advanced Directives (AD) for healthcare decision making.
Loved ones are welcome to be there.

Feel-good programs:

Activities to support individual health and well-being. New classes are routinely added. Current offers in Spring 2022 include:

For more information, please contact Whole Health via email or call 816-861-4700 ext. 5965