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Athletes are constantly pushing their bodies to the limit, which can be exhausting. The result is a very high number of tears, sprains, and other injuries affecting the shoulders, hips, wrists, and ankles. Chiropractic allows athletes to participate in the game.

The main focus of chiropractic coordination is to improve the range of motion of certain areas of the body by destroying fibrous adhesions that cause inflammation and limit joint mobility. This relaxes the surrounding muscles while improving movement, relieving pain, and improving function.

Chiropractic adjustments can improve athletic performance by increasing flexibility and range of motion while increasing maximum voluntary muscle contraction and cortical drive. Chiropractors are used in all major sports leagues to keep athletes at the cutting edge. The same can be done for student athletes and adults participating in exercise and other fitness programs.

Likewise, chiropractic adjustments can help with recovery and injury prevention. Sports injuries can occur for a variety of reasons, including improper spine shape and joint restrictions that lead to tension in the surrounding muscles. Regular adjustments, especially in combination with other chiropractic services such as spinal decompression therapy, myofascial release and soft tissue work, not only bring athletes back to the game faster, but also support their original function. Protects the body from further injuries.

With a balanced musculoskeletal system, you will feel better and more productive, regardless of the type of sport. Chiropractic can help you achieve just that.

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How Chiropractic Keeps Athletes Alive

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