Injured in a car accident?  What's the best treatment?

Today I spoke to my physiotherapist who treated me for a shoulder injury (infraspinatus muscle) and we talked about other alternatives to physiotherapy such as chiropractic or acupuncture. He told me that he thought these and other medical methods would be just as effective in some cases and the conversation turned to today’s topic, what would he recommend?

He replied that a very important consideration was the patient’s belief. If the patient believes that the particular treatment regimen is good for them, the likelihood that it actually does is much higher.

Victims of car and truck accidents often ask us what treatment we would recommend. Without exception, our answer is what works best for you.

It may seem like we’re eluding the question, but the fact is that different modalities work for different people, and previous experiences are often telling as to what will work in the future. For patients who have previously successfully recovered from an injury, repetition of this form of treatment often works quite well because the person believes in the effectiveness of the treatment.

This means that patients who found chiropractic, physical therapy, or acupuncture useful for previous injuries often do better if they make better use of this area of ​​treatment for subsequent injuries.

Obviously, some injuries are different from others, and someone who has previously benefited from physical therapy for lower back injuries, for example, may not find it helpful with a concussion. Obviously, injury diagnoses and medical opinions are very important in the treatment to be taken, as some modalities can make an injury worse rather than better.

Once doctors have weighed which treatment would be useful or harmful, decisions are to be made, and if you believe in the benefit of a particular treatment, go for it. Sometimes our clients have no previous treatment experience and we recommend talking to family members and friends about what might have worked for them.

The other important consideration is the implementation of the treatment plan. If your therapist or chiropractor thinks you need six weeks of treatment three times a week, give the treatment. Sometimes our clients say they are not getting better and certainly such concerns should be directed to the healthcare provider, but many injuries take time to heal.

So when you have treatment options, adopt one that you can enthusiastically perform and the chances are you will get better sooner.