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Justin Taylor says JT Walker’s Restaurant and Brewery, an expanded version of his former restaurant and bar in downtown Muhammad, will be closed forever. However, the name remains in his brewery and taproom across the street, where he is working on plans to open smaller versions of restaurants and bars.

This is done with the help of the money he collected at the Muhammad Craft Beer Festival in downtown Muhammad on June 26th from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Organized by JT Walker’s Restaurant and Brewery and Classic Plumbing, the festival features food trucks, live music, and a selection of beers from local and local breweries.

Mohammed 401E. Main St. JT Walker’s Restaurant and Brewery in Tokyo, closed December 2020. 402E. The Taylors Brewery and taproom on Main St. are only open for brewing small quantities of beer for sale at grocery and liquor stores. However, Taylor said it has not been open to the public as of March 2020.

The current plan is to combine the restaurant and brewery at 402 E. Main St. with fewer seats than the larger restaurants on offer and to be part of the former JT Walker restaurant menu. I’m looking for.

According to Taylor, this new version of JT Walker’s Restaurant and Brewery won’t open until late summer at the earliest, depending on when the kitchen is ready and health officials approve the necessary permits.

Taylor knows that the current job market cannot be filled at such a large location, so 401 E. Main St. said he would not try to reopen the larger location.

While the larger room was open, it employed more than 50 people, Taylor said.

Neither the brewery nor the restaurant building are selling food for the upcoming festival, but those who want to escape the heat can get food and drinks from vendors into the house.

Clusterpluck, Ian Shepherd & Co. and Kayla Brown will perform at the festival’s live music.

For your pain and pain

Scottsdale, Arizona chain of chiropractic clinics opens in Champaign.

A joint chiropractic building permit on S. Neil Street in 2003 was granted May 27, and company spokeswoman Margie Wojciechowski said the opening was scheduled for mid to late August. It was.

Joint Chiropractic states that it offers membership plans and packages. The site is open at night and on weekends and no reservations are required.

There are more than 600 locations across the country, some of which are corporate-owned, some are franchised, and there are currently 17 locations in Illinois, most of them in and around Chicago. The location of the new East Peoria is also listed along the way.

From the company’s May 11 press release: “Joint Corp. revolutionized access to chiropractic when it launched its retail business model for healthcare in 2010. Today the company needs insurance. We make quality care convenient and affordable while avoiding the millions of patients who seek pain relief and lasting health. “

Say in the light

Alpha-Lit Central Illinois, a new company based in Danville, rents out lighted marquee letters and numbers to add great touches to everything from special occasions to “sold” signs outside of the home. It is provided at.

This is a growing side gig for owners Ashley and Nick Hipsher, Ali and Tanner De Laurier.

Ashley Hypshire, who also works at Willard Airport at Willard Airport, said most customers choose to deliver, set up and receive numbers and letters later.

The Danville-based company is the licensed venue for Alpha-Lit, which launched in Dallas in 2019.

For more information, visit this company on Facebook or call 217-474-4074.

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