Joint and Spine Rehabilitation: A trusted chiropractor among Waldwick residents offers holistic chiropractic treatments

Waldwick, NJ – Joint and spine rehabilitation aims to help patients lead pain-free lives by providing chiropractic treatment for the shoulders, hips and knees of Waldwick residents.

Because the spine is such an important and integral aspect of the body, chiropractic can make a world of difference. Any spine misalignment can damage many different areas of the body. Often times these issues seem unrelated, but the joint and spine rehabilitation team can pinpoint the source of the patient’s problem and discuss different treatment options. After just a few treatments, patients will see visible results and feel better as they gain mobility, possibly even lose weight, and have improved blood circulation.

The Physiotherapy Clinic strives to keep up to date with the most advanced chiropractic techniques and treatments. Their goal is to create a welcoming and professional environment in which patients can meet all of their chiropractic needs. Their excellent staff is always ready to assist patients with the knowledge they need to make the best possible decision. The treatment process is quite straightforward as the chiropractor goes through all of his patient’s alternatives as well as expected alternatives and is available for his patients’ questions and concerns.

In addition, all physiotherapists involved in joint and spinal rehabilitation have at least 10 years of postgraduate outpatient orthopedic experience. They specialize in the treatment of joint diseases, sports injuries, degenerative arthritis and joint replacements. Additionally, their therapists are always on the cutting edge of education, especially when it comes to new breakthroughs and therapies that could speed recovery. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the therapist with whom patients begin their interactive nursing program is who they end with. Dynamic cupping therapy, class 4 laser therapy, trigger point therapy, manual joint mobilization, massage, therapeutic exercise programs, myofascial relaxation techniques, ultrasound and electrical stimulation are some of the physiotherapy treatments offered in the joint and spine rehabilitation facility.

Shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle pain are all treated by the Waldwick Chiropractor. Physiotherapy treatments include everything from simple manipulation of soft tissue to more intense procedures like electrical stimulation. However, patients with joint problems may need manual joint mobilization to fully recover. Their physical therapists often combine treatments such as grade 4 laser therapy and fitness programs to help their patients achieve complete wellbeing in a short period of time.

“The joint and spinal rehabilitation staff gave me so much hope with my physiotherapy treatment. Eric and Travis took the time to really understand the issues I was experiencing and came up with the best plan possible. If you want to exceed your expectations, Joint and Spine is the place for you! ” Said a satisfied patient about the services of the chiropractic clinic.

Joint & Spine Rehabilitation is located at 83 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick, NJ, 07463. Contact the chiropractors by phone at +12014451079 or visit their website for more information.

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