The Sherman College Summer 2021 internal pinning ceremony included Mitchell Lamerson of Dansville.

SPARTANBURG, SC – Mitch Lamerson of Dansville is currently treating patients at Sherman College Chiropractic Health Center, a teaching clinic for students in the final stages of their internship prior to graduation from the chiropractic doctorate program.

The teaching environment in the health center, coordinated by licensed chiropractors, enables interns to practice chiropractic under close supervision and constant advice. Because the clinic serves the public, Upstate South Carolina residents experience excellent chiropractic care at affordable prices with approximately 25,000 patient visits per year.

“Sherman students doing their clinical internship at the health center are well prepared to provide quality, effective care to our patients and neighbors in the greater Spartanburg area,” said Joe Donofrio, vice president of academic affairs, ACP. “These students are the future of the chiropractic profession. On behalf of the faculty and staff at Sherman College Health Center, we are proud and excited to welcome this newest class of chiropractic interns. “

In the clinical phase of the Doctor of Chiropractic Program at Sherman College, interns practice every aspect of patient care, including medical history, physical and spinal exams, x-rays, diagnosis, diagnostic reporting, chiropractic adjustments, and case management. Interns are encouraged to work with the research department to advance the profession with evidence-based study; they also complete remaining clinical and business courses.

The chiropractic internship also gives these senior students the opportunity to participate in community events both inside and outside of campus – including spine exams, health fairs, school visits, and more – to help them build communication, leadership, and community relationship skills are well prepared for practical work after graduation.

Sherman College of Chiropractic offers students a comprehensive education preparing them to enter the field as highly qualified, compassionate, ethical and successful physicians in chiropractic. On its 80 acre campus in South Carolina, Sherman offers a premier professional degree program that is unique in its approach to healthcare and is known worldwide for the skills and art of chiropractic graduates. The on-campus college health center, where senior students intern with licensed chiropractic doctors, provides high quality, affordable chiropractic care to the local community with approximately 25,000 visits per year.