Management consultant Carlene Saelg becomes international bestselling author No. 1 on Amazon with the book

Carlene Saelg is a speaker, management consultant and international bestselling author of the book “Becoming Fearless AF” – How 10 Female Entrepreneurs Used Courage and Resilience to Achieve Success.

The Compilation Stylebook is curated and co-authored by Carlene to reveal the secret every female entrepreneur needs to know to achieve six figure success in today’s business climate. Her book encourages BIG paradigm shifts that maximize growth, audience attraction, and customer revenue while providing inspiration and quantum time hacks for starting a new business that generates consistent revenue.

Their best-selling breakout hit #1 in seven countries in 33 categories within the first 24 hours of its release, earning Amazon’s #1 spot. Plus, #1 Best Seller in Energy Medicine and #1 Hot New in Women’s and Young Adult Biographies; to name a few!

One five star review said, “Carlene Saelg curated a must read for all women entrepreneurs” and another five star review said, “I haven’t read the whole book yet, but the first few chapters were EPIC !!”

Accolades for Becoming Fearless AF are pouring in, with over 66 five-star reviews within the first few hours of release.

Carlene Saelg is the founder and CEO of the successful entrepreneurship program Scale Your Success Incubator and an expert passive income strategist for holistic entrepreneurs.

In addition, she is a specialist consultant in functional medicine and holistic therapy practices, taking her from a mediocre bottom line to millions in profits with her 3-phase MONEY framework.

Erin H, a new client, stated, “I went from $88,000/year to $500,000 in 6 months, I’m on my way to making my first million in my first full year! Thank you Carlene, your strategy filled in the missing piece that helped me grow my business.”

An intuitive business strategist, Carlene is dedicated to increasing the active and passive income streams of therapists, healers and naturopaths. She excels at stacking multiple revenue streams while guiding and scaling her clients’ success. Helping to shape systems, structures and strategies for a seven-figure company is her superpower.

Rounding out the impressive list of achievements; Carlene Saelg continues her private practice as an acclaimed energy medicine practitioner; She relieves people of pain in just 1-2 sessions and facilitates transformations of mind, body and spirit.

Her clients rave about her results-driven sessions.

Ashley B. says: “I like to say there’s ‘BC’ and ‘AC’, before Carlene and after Carlene! My whole life has changed working with her.”

Katie H says: “My body didn’t stop vibrating until late at night. I’m so incredibly excited to see how my body is reacting. My posture is near perfect, my foot doesn’t turn out, my shoulder isn’t dislocated, and my jaw has stopped clicking. Thank you for your time, wisdom and healing.”

Greg C. rated Carlene by saying, “Years ago, I went through months of chiropractic treatments to overcome sciatica. This time, Carlene made it go away almost overnight. Shoulder pain and sciatic pain, gone. Thanks very much!”

Whether you own a holistic practice and want to increase your profits or are a client desiring pain relief, energy activation and holistic wellness, Carlene Saelg is the only choice for scalable, sustainable and lasting results.

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