Marian Zingaro, DC – Best Chiropractor

dr Marian Zingaro, DC
423 E St., Davis

Best Chiropractor
second – Dennis T.Vo, DC
third party Raneem Zouhby, DC

Davis Enterprise readers voted Dr. Marian Zingaro, DC, in business since 1991, again named Best Chiropractor for 2022.

dr In addition to being fully vaccinated, Zingaro has taken COVID prevention measures such as: B. Using a private entrance, covering and disinfecting surfaces, using a UV-C air filter, creating an open-air office with external ventilation, and non-overlapping patient planning.

Zingaro’s goal is to help patients recover, heal and live pain free. With over 20 years of experience treating musculoskeletal disorders, she uses gentle chiropractic techniques and massage to treat acute and chronic pain, injury and recurrent stress. Her approach to chiropractic and massage stems from her experience that healing goes hand in hand with relaxation, trust and empathy.

“At first I thought I wanted to be a doctor and I started a six-year medical program in college,” she said. “After completing my medical background, I became disillusioned with conventional medicine and decided to pursue the mind-body connection and study psychology.

I graduated with a Master’s degree in Counseling. Although I worked as a consultant for six years, my interest in medicine was still strong and I was constantly reading medical literature.

“At that time I became very good friends with an elderly doctor and I saw that although this doctor wanted to treat patients with nutritional and other more natural methods, she was mostly writing prescriptions for her patients. I was well aware that prescription medications have side effects and rarely address the root cause of a problem. Because of this, I wanted to choose a way to treat patients that didn’t involve prescription drugs and that would help the body stimulate its own ability to heal itself. Then I became interested in manual medicine and decided to become a chiropractor.”

In this day and age of high technology and little human contact, a patient receives at least an hour of Zingaro’s attention and care.

“I mix massage and other soft tissue techniques with chiropractic care and do all the work. (Most chiropractors hire other people to do some of the work to be done.) I am also a trained counselor and can listen carefully to your physical concerns. Sometimes patients are confused by a diagnosis or medical information. I have been teaching anatomy and physiology for many years and I know how to make difficult concepts easy to understand. I help my patients to understand what is happening.

“I really enjoyed helping my patients! Thank you for voting for me!”

Zingaro is also a Clinical Supervisor at Palmer College of Chiropractic, West Campus.

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