Meet the staff at Orchard's Naturopathic Center

Naturopathic Center of Orchard has offered a wide variety of alternative and chiropractic treatments to the people of East Idaho since 1949. Dr. Gary Lane Orchard and Dr. Justin Crook take a holistic approach to health that focuses on physical, emotional and mental aspects.

The offer ranges from nutritional advice, hormone balancing and weight reduction to sports injuries, rehab and chiropractic. Our practice is a popular place for our patients to refer their friends and family as we offer some of the cheapest treatments in town, with simple and affordable plans to help guide you on your journey to wellbeing. The always friendly staff ensure that you feel welcome and relaxed every time you step in.

Dr. Orchard is a third generation naturopath. His grandfather, Afton Orchard, was one of the state’s first naturopathic doctors, opening the practice in Idaho Falls in 1949. Gary L. joined his father’s practice in 1995, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Gary L. began learning and experience early in life by being tutored by both generations. After graduating as a chiropractor in 1995, Gary L. continued his education and graduated from the International Academy of Acupuncture as a certified acupuncture practitioner in 2000 and from Great Lakes College as a naturopath in 2011.

Dr. Crook’s family have been patients at Orchard’s Naturopathic Center since it opened 72 years ago, with three generations of Crook’s being treated by three different generations of Orchards. At a young age, Dr. Crook on the importance of maintaining optimal health, both structurally and physiologically, and the body’s amazing ability to heal itself when given the right tools. Dr. Crook completed most of his undergraduate studies at Utah State University. From there he attended the Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, graduating in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in human anatomy, a bachelor’s degree in health and wellness, and a doctorate in chiropractic.

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