Recognitions or best practices in marketing, advertising, and community engagement among chiropractic doctors

SQeZ Juice + Health Bar in Osage Beach, Mon.SQeZ Juice + Health Bar in Osage Beach, Mon.

The practice of Marcinek wreck, DCAs the kids say, “has juice” – really. The practice of the health and health officer, Chiropractic in real life, includes the SQeZ juice + health bar in Osage Beach, Mon., with smoothies, CBD-soaked drinks, fresh juices and healthy foods. “I knew bodywork and chiropractic played an important role in connecting mind and body, and I wanted to know how that innate power communicates,” she told Lake Expo News about her path from massage therapist to chiropractic to healthy Food. “But… I was tired,” said the single mother of two young children, “I mean really tired. My ability to maintain good nutrition and a positive mental state became increasingly difficult over time. In the second year I already knew that I had to find another way. I started looking at juice bars in the area to find a way to grab something healthy along the way. I immediately believed in the power of juice. I couldn’t believe how good I was feeling. I had the energy that I lacked and my mental clarity began to improve. This led to a deeper curiosity about nutrition and nutrition. I started studying and using a ketogenic diet and my world changed overnight. I felt good, really good, despite my crazy schedule and mental workload. ”Marcinek says keto and juicing got her through her last two years of chiropractic school and from then on she has followed her passion. “I knew that I had to follow my heart and do all the things I loved. This is how the idea for SQeZ came about. A place where people can come together for all of their health and wellness needs, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am curious to see where this new journey will lead us. Change your health history for the better. “

OneHeart in Rapid City, SD, offers temporary housing and co-location for a variety of services, from addiction and mental health counseling to life skills and professional training, and Solutions chiropractic held a first Summer Kick-Off Barbeque to raise money for local support. “I saw it on the news and these women were talking about helping the whole family really focus on kids and how difficult it could be to be homeless when you’re in high school and I couldn’t really grapple with it. ” called Wendy Iszler, DC, speaking to the Black Hills FOX station. “I don’t even know what that looks like. And I just felt like we as a community had to do something about it. ”Solutions Chiropractic doubled all donations up to $ 500. “Neither of us knew her,” said OneHeart Executive Director Charity Doyle. “She saw something on TV and was inspired by it. And through discussions with a few other community stakeholders, I’ve just made up my mind. So we found out second hand and it was like, oh my god. And then you really know that the message is getting through in a really meaningful way. “

We are celebrating 60 years as a chiropractor with him Bourbonais Office in Illinois, Kenneth Pangle, DCHe is often asked when he is going to retire. “I’m not retired. People assume that you retire when you are old, ”Pangle told the Daily Journal. “I have no plans to retire and will work as long as I can.” After graduating from Logan College in 1960, he learned acupuncture in China and studied abroad in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. “I was on the very first tour of the Orient in 1972 when they first opened up China,” he said. “And I’ve been practicing acupuncture ever since. It is very popular and used in all hospitals in America. It’s pretty much standard therapy now. ”Pangle said his profession hasn’t changed much in 60 years. “It’s the same philosophy and so on,” he said. “I see people looking for a lot of physical therapy, nutrition, and acupuncture treatment along with chiropractic manipulation.” In June he received the Illinois Chiropractic Society’s President’s Award.

Bill Barrett, DC, from Hugo, Minne., was elected “Hugo Good Neighbor of the Year 2021” for his work in the community in June, 43 years after the opening of the Hugo Chiropractic Clinic in what was then a small town. “When I first came to Hugo, Hugo had a tiny, tiny town hall that was open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and closed on Friday,” he told The Citizen. “Marvin LaValle was mayor and he drove his tractor into town, ran in to get the mail or sign something at the town hall, and then got back on his tractor.” At the age of 19, he decided chiropractic was his calling when he injured his lower back while working on a construction site. Barrett was a member of the Hugo Lions Club for over 20 years and was a founding member of the Hugo Business Association. “I grew up in a big family and my parents taught us how to volunteer, move up, do things,” he said. “I know probably 90% of the people who have won this award in the past. You do a lot more than I do. I feel like I’m part of an elite … I’m in good company. “

Dan Davidson, DCDan Davidson, DC, the “Singing Chiropractor”

The “Singing Chiropractor” Dan Davidson, DC, earned the title of Top Chiropractor in The Roanoker’s Top Docs Survey 2021, but credited his staff The rear resort in Salem, Va. “This award is truly an honor as it reflects the care taken by all of our staff, including our team of massage therapists and assistants,” he said. Davidson, known for serenading his patients with health songs like “Nothing Could Be Finer Than To Have Your Spine in Line!” Studied music with a degree in singing. He has also written more than a dozen inspirational books, is the founder of Artsy paparazzi photography, and has worked as a professional broadcaster. “It’s a fun way to connect and bring an extra smile,” he said of his singing, which he also does online with his Dr. Dan Band is streaming. “As a new streaming artist, my patients often inspire me with new song ideas!” In his Back Resort Podcast, he records a monthly performance by the “My Happy Ukulele Club” he founded. He gives back to the local community through a local mission organization and is an active member of the Roanoke Valley Alive & Well Coalition Board. “He even had the honor of winning a Roanoke Wings Festival Glucking Contest thanks to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’,” reported The Roanoker, adding, “A doctor with many talents.”