Natural Solutions to Knee Problems - Sterling Journal-Advocate

Those who suffer from chronic knee pain understand how frustrating and debilitating this condition can be. You may experience severe pain, swelling, and difficulty walking and performing everyday tasks. When you are unable to function normally, it affects every aspect of your life, including your work and family life. It can become very frustrating when you can’t enjoy your normal activities.

There are many options for treating knee pain, from heat, ice, and elevation to medication, steroid injections, and surgery. The latter of these options can be very invasive and leave undesirable side effects in some patients. Because of this, it’s important to work with a doctor who can look at the bigger picture of your overall health and help you meet your health goals.

A chiropractic acupuncturist takes the time to gather information about your past health history, family health history, and your current condition. They can also order comprehensive lab tests to determine where imbalances are occurring in your body systems. Did you know that degenerative knee diseases are often hereditary? It’s important to work with a doctor who takes the time to understand the details of your condition.

Because there are so many different treatment options for knee pain, it’s important to work with someone who understands your concerns and goals. Chiropractic acupuncturists focus on using natural, safe, and effective therapies to help you manage your chronic knee pain and other health issues you may be experiencing. Their goal is to help the body heal itself naturally and avoid invasive treatments like surgery or injections.

Another goal of a chiropractic acupuncturist is to educate you about your condition so you can make confident decisions about your own health care. This breaks your dependency on healthcare that may not work for you. Your chiropractic acupuncturist is not only your doctor, but also your mentor and partner in optimal health.

If you or a loved one suffer from chronic knee pain, understand that there are options for you to help you feel better and improve your movement without having to rely on medication or injections. Before deciding on surgery or any other option that may not be right for you, consider how chiropractic acupuncture can help you.

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