Synergy Wellness Center, Prescott, chiropractic care, massage

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The Synergy Wellness Center celebrated its 15th anniversary in January and the realization of a dream of bringing happy, healthy living to the Prescott/Quad City community.

Synergy Wellness Center, Prescott, Chiropractic, Massage

The Synergy Wellness Center of Prescott and Prescott Valley celebrates 15 years of wellness care (Synergy Wellness Center).

“When we started Synergy in 2007,” said Dr. Benjamin Wojciak, DC, Founder and Owner, “It was just my wife Andrea and I with a big dream and determination to build a chiropractic and wellness center as exciting as Synergy is today.”

At two locations (Prescott and Prescott Valley), Synergy offers a full range of services including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and naturopathic physicians.

“We have helped more than 14,000 patients over the past 15 years,” said Dr. Wojciak. “We are still just as committed and excited about providing the best in chiropractic and wellness care to our community as we were when Andrea and I started the company in 2017.”

The community seems to recognize this commitment: Synergy Wellness Center was named Best Chiropractor in The Daily Courier’s Readers’ Choice Awards in 2018 and 2019, and the QuadCities Business News Best of Business Award in 2019.

“We believe in putting your health needs first,” said Dr. Wojciak. “We offer a wide range of therapeutic modalities with the aim of identifying and treating the root cause of your health problems.”

The Wojciaks expressed their gratitude to members of the community and the local businesses they work with. Everything they do has one goal in mind: to help their patients restore and maintain radiant health.

About Synergy Wellness Center

The 2007 by Dr. Founded by Benjamin Wojciak, DC, and his wife Andrea, the Synergy Wellness Center offers a variety of wellness services including chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and naturopathic physicians. Synergy Wellness Centers are located at 1590 Willow Creek Rd. in Prescott (928.227.1899) and 8200 E. Jacque Dr. at Prescott Valley (928.277.8715). Learn more at

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