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The Dental Commission charged dentist Brady Tucker Smith with unprofessional behavior after his treatment of several patients allegedly fell below standard of care. Charges say Smith did not fill out medical records for patients who received scaling and root planning services.

The Secretary of Health placed Jennifer E. Ayars’ registered nurse license on 24-month probation, conditional, for impairment-related conduct.

The Secretary of Health suspended Brandon Richard Cullen’s license to practice as a medical assistant and phlebotomist. Cullen collected a blood sample and charge from a patient, but the lab never received the sample and Cullen did not respond to investigators’ requests for an explanation.

The Minister of Health has revoked Kristi Marie Weiker’s license to work as a domestic helper for at least five years. Weiker derived narcotics and controlled substances from two patients and made unauthorized purchases using a patient’s credit card.

The Health Secretary reinstated Onaje Tate’s certified nursing assistant license.

The Nursing Commission charged licensed practicing nurse Janet Elizabeth Scurlock with unprofessional conduct after the Oregon State Board of Nursing revoked her license for failing to meet substance use treatment and supervision requirements.

The Secretary of Health granted April Rene Parent a conditional vocational training license for substance use disorders. The parents agreed to terms, which include three years of probation and oversight of their practice. The parent was convicted of trespassing and bail jumping in a Clark County court in 2018. She was also convicted of possession of a restricted gun in Oregon in 2018.

The Massage Therapist Program accused massage therapist Erin Kristine Rodgers of unprofessional conduct for failing to comply with an agreement that required participation in a drug use program.

The Chiropractic Commission found that chiropractor John Anthony Lewis had engaged in unprofessional conduct and placed his license under supervision pending completion of an ethics course and payment of a fine. Lewis’s behavior towards a patient was not up to standard of care because he did not adequately explain the procedures before making adjustments.

The Nursing Commission suspended the license of registered nurse Donald J. Schaefer. Schaefer relinquished his Oregon license after the Oregon State Board of Nursing found that he had failed to comply with a previous disciplinary order that required toxicology testing.

The Dental Commission ended the conditions of supervision and supervision of the dentist Constant E. Lu. The commission had previously found that Lu had inadequately treated several patients.

The Nursing Commission has suspended Roxanne Dawn Kokkeler’s license to practice as a registered nurse. In June 2021, Kokkeler’s license was revoked by the Oregon State Board of Nursing for practicing without a current license and failing to cooperate with the board during an investigation.

The Secretary of Health denied Joshua Robert Higdon’s application for a certified nursing assistant license because he failed to provide the required evidence of a substance use assessment.

The Nursing Commission authorized the publication of the Terms and Conditions for Registered Nurse Shawn Michael Higginbotham.

The Nursing Commission has suspended the license of registered nurse Charles William Wegener indefinitely. Wegener relinquished his nursing license in Oregon for improper assessment, falsification of documents, and improper medication administration.

The Minister of Health concluded an agreement with Cinthya Gorostieta Munoz, in which Munoz was licensed as a certified medical assistant. Munoz is required to comply with Terms and Conditions and provide quarterly performance reviews.