Back, neck, and joint pain can negatively impact a person’s entire life, from work to sleep and everything in between. It is for this reason that Sanford chiropractors like David Galloway, DC, are so dedicated to serving their patients.

“It’s a practical, drug-free approach,” said Galloway, who practices in Bemidji and Bagley, Minnesota.

Build the foundation

Chiropractic can not only relieve back, neck and joint pain. Headaches, jaw pain and referred pain in the arms and legs can also be significantly affected. Because of this, Galloway says that chiropractic treatment is more than just an adjustment to where the pain occurs.

“Where’s your pain doesn’t always mean what the problem is,” said Galloway. “It’s a bit like a house and its foundation. If you don’t have a good foundation, there can be problems further up. So there could be someone with lower back pain and it could be a foot problem, or ankle or knee problems. “

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The added benefit of Sanford chiropractic

The opportunity for chiropractors like Dr. Galloway, accessing patient information and communicating with a patient’s other doctors remains one of the most important aspects of Sanford chiropractic. This is why Sanford’s resources can make it easier to find the source of the pain.

“When I wanted to see some x-rays of the patient in my private practice, it took longer to request and deliver information. It is therefore very beneficial that we can offer same-day care, while this is not always the case in private settings, ”said Galloway.

“It’s (also) nice to be able to communicate. I just sent a message to a patient’s general practitioner this morning telling them where we are. I can update them or if I have concerns that they are not getting better, I can speak to them too. “

Treat the whole patient

In addition to exchanging information, Dr. Galloway can easily refer patients for other treatments when needed. Especially when you take into account the findings of other Sanford doctors on a patient.

“Chiropractic isn’t for everyone. So it’s important to have this thorough history, ”said Galloway.

Then Dr. Galloway easily refer these patients to other Sanford specialists to get the right type of treatment for them, whether it be physical therapy, X-ray imaging, or returning to a family doctor.

Ultimately, the goals of chiropractic are simple: treat the patient and relieve their pain. With easier access to patient records, better communication with doctors, and his own skills and techniques as a chiropractor, Dr. Galloway continues to do the best for every single patient he sees every day.

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