Spinal Clinic @ 15: Dr.  Bryan Cox urges authorities to crack down on fake chiropractors |  General news

Dr. Bryan Leon Cox, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Spinal Clinic Limited, has urged state authorities to take action against counterfeit chiropractors in the country.

He lamented the fact that most of these fake chiropractors take advantage of their patients and charge exorbitant fees without curing them.

“I have friends who complain that patients go to some of these places where a huge amount of money is being raised but no results are being achieved and it is time to enforce laws to deal with such fake chiropractors,” suggested he at when he was on the 15th anniversary of the spine clinic.

In the meantime, as part of its anniversary celebration, the spine clinic has granted all first-time visitors a 50% discount among numerous package deals.

About spine clinic

Spinal Clinic is a chiropractic industry that uses a 100% holistic treatment approach to help all people with STRESS and uncomfortable lifestyles. It does this by activating the innate self-healing power with a simple look at the spine.

Spinal Clinic has received several awards including the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE AWARD in the industry, BEST CHIROPRATIC PRACTICE, BEST PERSONALITY IN CHIROPRATICS, AND THE ENTIRE CHIROPRATIC CENTER; all in the years 2010 – 2020.

With the help of Dr. Cox, a Ghanaian medical student attended a chiropractic school in America and has successfully opened his own practice in the Volta region of Ghana today to create more spinal awareness.

Why us and what can we do for you?

With our competitive advantage in the market in the quality of services that are incomparable, we can provide the best care that will guarantee your strong immune system for a dream lifestyle.

· With our corporate service and package for your company, we can help reduce your employees’ sick leave, which ultimately increases work productivity for your company. And our office is a testimony to that.

· We offer you a detailed health analysis and chiropractic training for results from the consultation stage to the treatment phase. Which you can’t get anywhere.

· We have a team that connects with our customers to understand the health of the individual and offer unique solutions.

· Because of our great service to you, you will become one of our customers who have rated us as the leading chiropractic office

· We sell you value before cost and offer you a payment plan that will nurture your love of chiropractic and erase the myth that chiropractic is expensive.

Finally, we will educate you to value your health more than anything with chiropractic care and, if possible, consider preventing future spinal decay from your children who may be experiencing the same level of stress as you.

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