Spine Clinic establishes Chiropractic University

Dr. Bryan Leon Cox, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Spinal Clinic Limited, says the clinic is working towards establishing a chiropractic university in Ghana.

He said this became necessary in order to properly train and produce skilled chiropractors who would use holistic treatment approaches to relieve people of stress-related ailments.

Dr. Cox said this during the Accra clinic’s 15th anniversary celebration on the subject of “Excellent Chiropractic Delivery”.

He said the clinic was founded to fill the knowledge gap in chiropractic health care in Ghana and that with the increasing incidence of spinal problems in the country, it is important to train professionals to provide such care.

Dr. Cox said that while many found chiropractic practices expensive, the end results were immense and had more beneficial effects on the body than medications and other health solutions.

He said the process had no negative side effects and it was time the population considered this option.

Ms. Faustina Cox, the clinic’s chief operating officer, said on January 9, 2006 that the vision of creating a chiropractic clinic was born in a small three-bedroom room on the Nungua Barrier, Accra.

“Looking back on our shoulders, it was nothing more than worth the trip. Starting with a man’s vision of helping and seeing more people get better through a drug-free approach was a vision that seemed impossible to achieve. But today we’re celebrating 15 years, ”she said.

Ms. Cox said within 10 years the spine clinic opened new offices in Tamale, Bolgatanga and Nyaniba Estate, which were later relocated to Labone and East Legon.

She said when the membership increased from 60 to 100 a day, they moved from Nungua to the Lashibi branch in 2012.

Ms. Cox said a major challenge for the clinic was to get trained doctors from outside of Ghana and highlighted the need to create a university to train locals.

The clinic has provided various community services, including providing drinking water to some deprived areas in Accra, cleaning up and making annual donations to people and institutions at risk, she said.

With its competitive advantage in providing high quality services, the clinic has been able to provide the best of care to maintain a strong immune system for a “dream lifestyle” for the individual and to encourage people with spinal problems to attend the facility.

Ms. Cox said the facility recently purchased the most effective decompression machine at the East Legon office to help clients with disc problems and work on a one-stop office where all natural health needs could be accessed to full satisfaction.

“Our loyal members are rewarded quarterly with various incentives to appreciate your continued membership and loyalty to you,” she said.

Ms. Florence Tandoh, a customer, said she came into contact with the spine clinic when she developed serious health problems that almost paralyzed her.

“My health complications were due to the fact that the type of work I was doing required hours of sitting. However, after a friend introduced me to the clinic, my health improved and I eventually recovered,” she said.

Ms. Tandoh recently said that she had difficulty breathing and some sharp pains and noises in her ears, but after going to the clinic for medical attention, all of those problems ended.

Another customer, Mr. Joseph Kudjordzi, praised the staff for their professionalism and excellent customer care, adding that his frequent visits to the facility cured him of various physical aches and pains without taking any medication.

Some loyal customers were presented with certificates of appreciation.

Awards the clinic has received over the past 15 years include the Customer Service Leadership Award 2010, induction into the Ghana Customer Service Hall of Fame in 2012, Outstanding Leader in Chiropractic Care of the Year 2017.

The rest were Best Medicine Practitioner in Chiropractic Practice, 2018, Best Personality in Chiropractic Practice, 2019, and Overall Best Chiropractic Center of the Year 2019/2020.