State Disciplines Healthcare Providers

For immediate release: June 23, 2022 (22-091)

Contact: Sharon Moysiuk, Communications 360-549-6471
Public Inquiries: Health Systems Customer Service 360-236-4700

Olympia — The Washington State Department of Health and Human Services has taken disciplinary action or dismissed charges against the following healthcare providers in our state.

The department’s Health Systems Quality Assurance Division works with boards, commissions, and advisory committees to establish licensing standards for more than 80 health professions (e.g., dentists, nurses, consultants). For information on disciplinary action against physicians and physician assistants, visit the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) website. Questions regarding WMC disciplinary actions may be sent to [email protected]

Information on healthcare providers can be found on the Agency’s website. In the How Do I section, click Look Up Healthcare Provider License. Section of Department of Health website ( The site contains information about a healthcare provider’s licensing status, the expiration and renewal dates of their qualification, disciplinary action, and copies of legal documents issued after July 1998. This information is also available by calling 360-236-4700. Consumers who believe a healthcare provider has acted unprofessionally are encouraged to call and report their complaint.

Clark County

In May 2022, the Pharmacy Commission indicted the pharmacy technician Olga W. Markin (VA00041004) with unprofessional behavior. Markin is said to have reportedly been unfit for work.

king county

In May 2022, the Unlicensed Practice Program notified Qingjie Zeng his intention to issue a cease and desist order because Zeng allegedly practiced massage without a license.

Mason County

In May 2022, the Nursing Commission appointed a Licensed Practical Nurse Kristan Kelly Ramirez (LP60259260) with unprofessional behavior. Ramirez allegedly failed to contact a drug use surveillance program, as required by a prior agreement she made with the Nursing Commission.

In May 2022, the Home Care Aide Program and Home Care Aid Tracy Ree Pasic (HM60752843) amended a previous agreement after the program accused it of breaching it. The new changes require Pasic to contact an addiction program within 14 days, only work if there is a supervisor on site with a certified nursing assistant or higher, and ensure her employer provides quarterly performance reviews.

County Pierce

In May 2022, the Minister of Health granted a license as a medical assistant phlebotomist, subject to conditions Lacey Louise Hedlund (PC61255702). Hedlund agreed to terms, which include participation in a substance use surveillance program. Hedlund was convicted of multiple misdemeanor offenses between 2017 and 2021, including criminal trespassing and theft.

As of May 2022, the Nursing Assistant Program and Medical Assistant Program hired board-certified medical assistants and board-certified nursing assistants Ashley Nichole Kark (CM60756785, NC60786738) with unprofessional behavior.

In May 2022, the Chiropractic Commission indicted the chiropractor Jordan Nicole Landholm (CH60721678) with unprofessional behavior for allegedly not wearing a face covering as mandated by the governor’s proclamation.

In May 2022, the Chiropractic Commission indicted the chiropractor Craig Patrick Lapenski (CH00003689) with unprofessional conduct for allegedly failing to comply with required COVID-19 protocols, including wearing a face covering and screening patients for fever or other symptoms, as mandated by the governor’s proclamation.

In May 2022, the Minister of Health commissioned the state-certified nurse Awdrey Ng (RN60258507) with unprofessional behavior. In November 2020, he was convicted in Pierce County Superior Court of child molestation and communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.

Spokane County

In May 2022, the Secretary of Health fined the Home Services Agency RJ Care Services LLCwho does business as worry about staying at homeand owners and operators Jayne Fraser and Robert Frazer, (FS60016733) $3,000. The home care services company and owners have been subpoenaed for repeated violations, which were found during a relicensing inspection.

In May 2022, the Agency Affiliated Counselor Program, Substance Use Disorder Professional Program and Mental Health Counselor Program charged registered Agency Affiliated Counselor, Substance Use Disorder Professional Trainee and Mental Health Counselor Program Jennifer Renee Dempsey (CG60895041, CO61019033, MC60904742) with unprofessional behavior. The Mental Health Counselors Program received a complaint that Dempsey was frequently absent from work and expressed concern about the competence and safety of her practice. She did not respond to an investigator’s letter.

County Thurston

In May 2022, the Unlicensed Practice Program notified Cheng Liu his intention to issue a cease-and-desist order for allegedly practicing massage without a license.

In April 2022, the Dental Commission ended the requirements for the approval of dental assistants Ashley-Marie Japhet (D160986208).

Yakima County

In May 2022, the Nursing Commission reinstated the Licensed Practical Nurse credential with conditions Daniel J Moen (LP00029584). Moen agreed to several conditions, including completing a refresher course, participating in a drug use surveillance program, paying a $1,000 fine, and having Moen’s license probated.

Not in the country

Idaho: In May 2022, the Nursing Commission ended the probationary period for the registered nurse license from Veronica Kay Franco (RN60756951).

Indiana: In May 2022, the Office of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Programs contracted the paramedic Jordan Ralph Strong (ES60966035) with unprofessional behavior. Strong allegedly sold and distributed anabolic steroids, including testosterone and trenbolone enanthate, to other employees.

Michigan: In May 2022, the Nursing Commission appointed a Licensed Practical Nurse Shawntea G Hamilton (LP61033790) with unprofessional conduct after Hamilton’s credentials were restricted for misconduct by the Michigan Board of Nursing Disciplinary Subcommittee.

South Dakota: In May 2022 the nursing commission and qualified nurse Megan Colleen Grissom (RN60536670) reached an agreement requiring Grissom to continue participating in a substance use surveillance program.

Note to the editor: Healthcare providers accused of unprofessional conduct have 20 days to respond in writing to the Department of Health. The case then enters the settlement process. If no disciplinary agreement can be reached, the case goes to a hearing.

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