The Fairbanks chiropractor is accused of sexually abusing a patient during treatment

A Fairbanks chiropractor is charged with sexually assaulting a patient last year, an allegation that led to his license being suspended this month.

Norman Todd Lovell, 58, was indicted by a Fairbanks grand jury last month on second-degree sexual assault charges during a March 2021 treatment session.

Lovell placed his hand on the chest of a patient, “a person whom the perpetrator knew was unaware of was committing a sexual act and the perpetrator was a healthcare worker,” the indictment said.

The practice Lovell owns, Ridgeview Chiropractic, is still open and operational, but he is unable to practice. A representative declined to comment.

Lovell’s attorney, Bill Satterberg, said the charges against him were “definitely dismissed,” but declined to comment further on the case.

Lovell’s chiropractic license has been suspended, officials with the state Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing said late last week. A petition filed by a department official on April 6 requesting the suspension relates to the criminal case.

The department received a complaint from the patient on behalf of the State Medical Association, the petition says. A board member who reviewed information surrounding the report noted that Lovell “is unsafe to practice because of his inappropriate sexual contact with a patient,” which violates several state laws.

The board immediately suspended the license under a provision that allows members to act before a final hearing, even if the decision is appealed, if a vendor poses “a clear and imminent threat to public health and safety.” if they continue to practice. it says in the petition.

The filing orders that Lovell’s license “remain suspended until he can demonstrate to the (board) that he is able to practice in a manner consistent with public safety.”