The new Humane Society of Missouri Center offers innovative pain management for pets

Lara Hamdan

Maggie Mikel, a registered veterinarian, has looked after Suzy Q and helps the puppy every day on the underwater treadmill.

After a preliminary opening in early spring, the Humane Society of Missouri opened the first Integrated Veterinary Pain Management Center in St. Louis on June 1. It is located at the Humane Society headquarters on Macklind Avenue.

The center is operated by HSMO’s Animal Medical Center in Central America and offers a range of services for cats and dogs with injuries, disabilities, or post-operative needs. Treatments include: chiropractic care, underwater treadmills, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and ultrasound therapy.

One such patient is Suzy Q, a puppy who suffered a nerve crush injury that left her hind legs largely paralyzed. Maggie Mikel, a registered veterinarian at the center, has taken care of the puppy and is working on rebuilding its nerves. So far, Suzy Q’s treatment plan includes daily climbing of the underwater treadmill, laser therapy, and a range of motion exercises at home.

In St. Louis on the Air on Tuesday, Dr. Travis Arndt together with moderator Sarah Fenske about the offers of the Integrated Veterinary Pain Management Center. He is the medical director of the Animal Medical Center of Mid-America.

“We have been told that the laser we are using is actually being marketed for human physiotherapy. It’s the same type of laser that is used by our professional athletes in St. Louis, ”said Arndt, including the Blues and Cardinals.

Some therapies offered are designed to help stabilize a patient in just a few visits; others are done regularly.

“There are many different ways to treat chronic pain in pets. … There is no one size fits all or one therapy that works best for every patient, ”says Arndt. “By having different options for customers, we can try to tailor the one approach that best suits each patient’s individual needs and that hopefully produces the best results.”

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Lara Hamdan

Dr. Travis Arndt with Suzy Q at the Integrated Veterinary Pain Management Center in St. Louis. It is operated by HSMO’s Animal Medical Center in Central America on Macklind Avenue.

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