Where can you get chiropractic care, an excellent ear, and fresh fruit and veg?

Brandt Chiropractic Clinic has done everything it can to care for the physical and emotional health of its patients and community members, which is why it was named Company of the Year in the Holyoke Chamber of Commerce’s Community Excellence Awards program earlier this year.

The nomination letter said something like, “Always great service from Dr. Brandt and the front desk staff!” “They have really helped the community through the pandemic” and “Real consideration for care. Always puts his patients first.”

dr Jerry Brandt and his wife Debbie are in their 31st year at Holyoke and the current administrative assistants are Chris Gerk and Janice Kilpatrick.

“It’s really an honor to be nominated and selected,” said Brandt.

“We are here to take care of our patients,” he said. “Health is beyond what you feel.”

Although the staff at Brandt Chiropractic Clinic aren’t licensed consultants, they said there’s definitely a lot of listening going on in the office. “There’s more to chiropractic care,” Brandt said, noting that they are consistent with how a patient’s emotional status affects their physical health. “You are a whole being,” he said.

“We try to be welcoming and friendly,” Kilpatrick said.

Patients come to the Brandt Chiropractic Clinic from all over the region. “His community is more than just Phillips County,” Gerk said.

Both Kilpatrick and Gerk appreciate the working atmosphere at the Brandts. “It’s great to have these people in my life personally,” Kilpatrick said. “It’s fun to see all age groups benefit from the achievements of Dr. Brandt benefit.”

“Community engagement is important because the people in the community are our patients,” Brandt said.

The company is heavily involved in the Chamber of Commerce and supports community initiatives such as the Hospital Foundation’s Legacy Event, Peerless Theater and Senior Exercise Classes. It also houses nonprofit organizations in its office building, including the Red Cross, Alcoholics Anonymous, Youth Challenge, and A Caring Pregnancy Resource Center.

“Brandt Chiropractic’s commitment to the Chamber is also very diligent as the company is always present at meetings and events and volunteers hours to support the Chamber on revenue-generating projects that fund the organization,” the nomination letter reads. “DR. Brandt is known for his expertise in preparing the perfect funnel cake batter, even at fair time.”

Serving at a food stand alongside other activities follows Brandt’s philosophy of “It’s not what the community can do for you, it’s what you can do for the community”.

“The good we do nourishes the well-being of others,” said Brandt.

Speaking of feeding the community, Brandt is entering his third year of involvement in the community garden project, which has worked with Colorado State University and Klover Kare in the past.

“Brandt Chiropractic provides the highest level of patient care, but also applies the same energy to serving the community through hours of volunteer work in the community garden,” the nomination letter reads.

Brandt personally helped tend the garden and shared his gardening knowledge with other volunteers.

A few years ago, when the community garden needed a place to put the produce, the Brandt Chiropractic Clinic set up a table in front of their office and regularly posted photos of the groceries online, which were available to members of the community for free.

Brandt’s daughter Nicole helped set up the table and named it the “Veggie Table”.

The vegetable table was also a place for community members to bring in additional produce from their own gardens, and Brandt said about £1,500 of food from the community doubled the £1,500 grown in the community garden.

“I’m expecting it to bloom this year,” Brandt said, and his wife noted that he was always willing to take what’s available and make a little more.

Maybe they just need a bigger table this summer.

The Brandts continue to look for ways to give back to their community. After raising six children here, they are delighted that three of their adult children have moved back to Holyoke. “You have to be part of the community you live in,” Brandt said. “And Holyoke really is a great community to live in.”