The Truth About Pregnancy: SHIFT Chiropractic Helps Women Become Fertile

SHIFT Chiropractic shares three strategies to empower women to take control of conception.

Everyone is different. This is especially true for women. Many studies show how unique a woman’s body is and that most of the things that are commonly taught to people do not include the development that a woman’s body has to go through for a lifetime. One of the phases in this development is pregnancy.

Wherever a woman’s fertility journey is, SHIFT Chiropractic recommends three strategies to empower women to take control of conception.

Know how the cycle works. Understanding your own fertility cycle really helps with conception and it is important that both partners participate in it together. A couple would like to try to have a baby while the woman is ovulating.

Create health. Yes, create health. This means that if a couple is to become pregnant, they must make their health and wellbeing a priority. “We found that focusing on creating health (as opposed to treating disease) makes a person alive, optimal, and NORMALLY functioning – healthy couples make healthy babies,” says SHIFT.

Contact SHIFT Chiropractic. Who Would Have Thought Chiropractic Can Help You Get Pregnant? Dr. Marco Vespa focuses on expectant mothers and incorporates his expertise in zone healing and preconception protocols into his treatments.

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About SHIFT Chiropractic

Dr. Marco Vespa from SHIFT Chiropractic enjoys the gift of watching people do tiny SHIFTs in their lives that lead to profound changes. For him, zone healing means serving, breaking down all negative blocks in a person’s health potential through love, patience, chiropractic adjustment and the application of universal law. Dr. Vespa is recognized nationwide as an energetic and dynamic concept therapy speaker and one of only 30 in the United States certified to deliver zone healing treatments. Dr. Vespa also focuses on expectant mothers and their “little ones”.

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