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Standing with my back to an X-ray machine in an X-ray room, I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that my knight in shining armor was by my side to keep me from falling flat on my face.

Every time I need to have a medical imaging done for whatever reason, fear and panic set in as a giant knot forms in the pit of my stomach as I make every effort to stay vertical.

Since I was born with mild cerebral palsy, I know more than most what it is like to lose a battle against gravity; and the older I get, the more these falls to the ground place demands on my fragile body.

However, when I expressed my concern to Lauren Jackson, a very delightful radiology technician at the Kosterman Chiropractic Center, she briefly left the room before returning with a strapping young man to flush my fears down the drain.

After a brief introduction, Chandler Kosterman, an aspiring junior at NC State, became my new best friend as he stabilized my balance during the skeleton photo shoot.

I was more than grateful to the dashing college intern who hopes to become a fourth generation chiropractor one day for leaning on him during my time of extreme fear.

After suffering debilitating back pain since last Christmas, I found that it was becoming a major obstacle to the progress I was making on my weight program at the gym.

With each month that passed, my trips to Workout Anytime of Clinton became rarer, until I went to the emergency room to complain of pain in the lower right quadrant of my lower abdomen.

After doing numerous tests to rule out things like appendicitis and a family history of kidney stones, I was told the throbbing pain was due to a pulled muscle caused by using one of the weight training machines at the health club.

Although I decided to take a break from the weights to recover from the supposed injury, the pain shifted to my hip and down my foot until I was almost unable to walk without severe pain.

I knew then that something much bigger was going on in my body than a simple muscle tug.

On the advice of my sister, Kathy Parker, I decided to give chiropractic one more opportunity to help me in a dire situation that was getting worse every day.

When I met Dr. Tim Kosterman was putting together in his office to go over my x-rays, my jaw dropped on some of the findings; But I let out a sigh of relief knowing that I would be back to the gym shortly.

While I suspected the herniated disc was made worse by a pinched nerve in my right leg, the results showed some new discoveries and pointed to some painful memories of a quarter of a century of chiropractic care.

In addition to scoliosis and osteoarthritis with twelve dislocated vertebrae, I have a twisted pelvis, which makes one leg appear longer than the other; and my neck is stretching further than it should, which is the source of my recurring headaches.

The most shocking news, however, was an overgrown vertebra from a fracture I suffered two years earlier when I landed backwards on a rolling metal cart at Walmart. and to remember that after my fifteen minute break, I would go back to my register and continue calling customer purchases.

After hearing about this multitude of daunting problems, I am amazed that I could still walk at all.

But the good news is that Dr. Tim is confident that he will be able to relieve my pain and get me back on track to recovery. And with my fierce determination, I won’t rest until I cross the finish line.

Although I was a little scared of going into another chiropractor’s office after being away from another chiropractor for more than six years, I was greeted with open arms by Brandie Hodges, the lively receptionist, as soon as I walked the front door.

The spirited hostess made me feel like coming home after a long day at work; and I could sit back and relax knowing that she would take care of all of my needs.

I’ve been to numerous chiropractic clinics over the years that criss-cross you like a herd of cattle in a rush; However, this is the first to be patient and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible throughout their visit.

In fact, the staff gives me the feeling of being the center of attention and pampering me every step of the way; and having never met a stranger before, it makes me feel like I am at a good old fashioned family get-together.

All we are missing is fried chicken, potato salad and grandma’s delicious peach cobbler.

Not only is the atmosphere refreshing, but the facility itself has state-of-the-art equipment – non-surgical spinal decompression, pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy, laser therapy and more – which I have not seen in any other chiropractic center.

Every time I go to the Kosterman Chiropractic Center it’s like indulging in a day spa and salon; because when I go at the end of my appointment I feel refreshed and rejuvenated and look forward to my next visit.

After just doing two short weeks of therapy in my personal care plan, I feel much better; and I am ready to join the U.S. men’s gymnastics team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to do a triple backflip off the bar and hold the landing for victory.

Mark S. Price is a former city / county education reporter for The Sampson Independent. He currently lives in Clinton.