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From Dr. Thomas Polucki

Tinnitus affects most people occasionally. Many people hear a high-pitched hissing or ringing sound, especially in a very quiet room. Or hear this sound for a few seconds here or there for no apparent reason.

We always joked that it means someone is talking about you.

But for an accurate diagnosis, someone needs to hear the sound for at least five minutes at a time and at least twice a week for several weeks.

We find that people with a history of whiplash or concussion tend to have more frequent and severe tinnitus.

And only when this noise disturbs sleep or is constantly loud during the day, most people seek help.

Most people with tinnitus would already see their doctor, an audiologist, and a specialist before considering trying upper cervical chiropractic care. And that can be important to rule out the very rare chance of a tumor.

But tinnitus is usually caused by irritation of the nerves that perceive sound. And much more often than a tumor, this irritation is found in the muscles and joints near the ear.

If tinnitus comes on quickly after medication, it’s a good bet that this is the cause.

And then our nutritional detox and nerve repair support helps many people recover.

If turning your head changes tinnitus, especially if you’ve ever had whiplash or a concussion …

Then there is a good chance that chiropractic care can help the upper cervical spine. Even if additional emotional stress contributes to the problem.

Because stress and tension in the muscles directly under the skull can put pressure on the inner ear structures and intensify the stress reaction. And that often puts a strain on emotions and confuses the diagnosis.

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Some research supports melatonin supplementation for tinnitus sufferers. And whether it helps or not, I love melatonin for so many reasons that I can easily recommend it.

But I’m not claiming to treat tinnitus with melatonin.

Instead, I prefer to determine if the patient has nutritional needs rather than chasing after each symptom.

And we don’t claim to have a tinnitus chiropractic adjustment either. But if there is a history of whiplash or concussion. No matter how long it’s been or who says it’s just a soft tissue injury … we know better.

Having chronic tension under your skull, behind your jaw, or in a shoulder blade can contribute to tinnitus.

And the customized chiropractic adjustment of the upper cervical spine without twisting or tearing reduces these chronic stress points better than anything I’ve researched in the last thirty years.

Thus, with a brief treatment that includes chiropractic adjustments to the upper cervical spine and targeted nutritional support, many people can find the relief they need.

And for a limited time, you can get a free tinnitus consultation with Dr. Thomas Polucki, Five Star Santa Clarita Chiropractor, make an appointment.


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