Vertical chiropractic seeks to “educate and empower” in a new private practice  Companies

Vertical Chiropractic in Cool Springs held an opening ceremony Tuesday to highlight its unique approach to chiropractic.

The doctors and business partners Dr. Bobby Fano and Dr. Lars Gunnar founded Vertical Chiropractic, which opened in May. Both believe in the Gonstead Technique, which focuses on the structural foundation of the body and the intervertebral discs to correct the root cause of the problem.

“We analyze the spine very carefully,” said Gunnar. “We consider the nervous system and really try to break it down and respond as specifically as possible to the individual. We take spine pictures and we have a very specific system of how we look at injuries and then we correct those things. “

Vertical chiropractic can treat almost anyone, providing chiropractic treatment in areas such as pregnancy and pregnancy comfort, pediatric development, adult health, peak performance adjustments, and difficult cases.

“Get your spine examined,” said Fano. “Many of the diseases we see are due to the alignment of the spine. It is important that our nervous system works 100%. “

Both doctors are passionate about what they do after their patients’ lives improve after treating them properly.

“We care, help and want to educate and empower people so that they can feel like they can make informed and informed decisions in their lives,” said Gunnar. “Also, so that they can be a better person at work, at home, and in anything they want to do in their life.”

“My favorite part is helping people,” said Fano. “Not only do we help them with their health and body, but we often see their relationships improve and make better decisions about their lives. Maybe they work harder at work and make a difference there. Like a flower, when you help them feel better and realize their potential, you just see how they bloom and how that works out to help our community. “

Vertical Chiropractic is located at 330 Mayfield Drive, Suite C7, in Cool Springs.

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