Vinton Today – VU Progressive Health Tour: Hy-Vee, Betterton Chiropractic and NuCara

Raemi Caves, Pharmacy Manager at Hy-Vee

Betterton Family Chiropractic staff Samantha, Matt Betteron, Shelly and Jen hosted the Vinton Unlimited Progressive Health Tour

Jessica Fairbanks, NuCara Home Care Equipment

Vinton Unlimited organized a “Progressive Health Tour” to several health-related companies and entities involved in healthcare.

Raemi Chavez, the pharmacy director at Hy-Vee, shared the services offered by the pharmacy. She shared that the store offers at-home COVID vaccines and COVID testing kits, which are now available from most insurance providers. The store also has a vaccine trailer that can be taken to any business that wants to host a flu vaccination clinic or COVID clinic in their business.

On request, the pharmacy can also offer its customers the packaging of daily medicines for a fee. Medicines can also be delivered. Near the pharmacy, the market also has a disposal container for medicines.

Betterton Family Chiropractic was also on the stop. Matt Betterton gave a tour of the building and answered questions about chiropractic. He briefly touched on the frequency of X-rays, explaining that unlike the dentist, the chiropractor only needs to check in the event of an injury or a dramatic change in the patient’s health.

Betterton treats patients as young as newborns who may have suffered trauma from their birth in the elderly. The company also offers massage therapy as part of the available treatment. Betterton has served at Vinton for 21 years.

Jessica Fairbanks of NuCara Home Care & Equipment shared her passion for caring for the elderly with the group. NuCara is a private provider of payroll or long-term care insurance. She explained that our health care system did not meet the need for these services, so health insurance does not cover the services that the company offers. It supports people who need home care and the supplies that may be needed after surgery or because of old age. She currently has six home care workers in the Vinton area.

Fairbanks, a registered nurse, has also applied to register Vinton as a dementia-friendly community. This would make Vinton the third city in the state to bear that designation. Fairbanks said this would create multiple opportunities at the state level. She is currently working with businesses in the area to educate those who may come into contact with caregivers, as well as those dealing with dementia. She offers free training for businesses, lasting just over an hour, giving tips and advice to businesses on how to recognize dementia and how they can support these residents. In the sessions she will talk about what it is like to live with and care for people with dementia. Things to watch out for could be when clients change coverage, they either cancel or increase coverage, she also helps companies make their business more friendly to people with dementia.

One of the issues she raised was the need for family bathrooms. When bringing someone with dementia into the public eye, caregivers face challenges like supporting their loved one in the restroom. Which bathroom are we going to? Do we use the men or the women? Fairbanks would encourage family baths to ease the challenges.

If your company is interested in dementia awareness training, stop by NuCara Home Care and Equipment and speak to Jessica.