West End Mamas Highlights How Prenatal Clinics Help Pregnant and Postpartum Mothers

Conveniently located on Bloor Street in bustling Toronto, West End Mamas is a leading prenatal clinic trusted by the community. West End Mamas takes a holistic approach to both prenatal care and postpartum care and is led by an experienced team consisting of Toronto Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists, Registered Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Doulas, Lactation Consultants, Naturopathic Practitioners, Babywearing Educators, Childbirth Consultants, CPR Instructors , osteopaths, occupational therapists, baby sleep experts, psychotherapists and mental health professionals, and acupuncturists. In a recent update, they shared how their work in nutrition, fertility and pediatric care has impacted the lives of expectant mothers, their partners and their babies after birth.

Their approach focuses on providing full care for the baby and mother under one roof. All pregnant women who need help with their physical, reproductive and mental health before, during and after pregnancy can benefit from visiting their office and reading this article.

About holistic pregnancy and postpartum care

In a recent chat we asked them about the type of clientele they see and things got frank. According to CEO and founder Dr. Sarah Mickeler, her clients used to be primarily expectant mothers, primarily for perinatal care, but since its inception in 2017, the clinic has seen a tremendous increase in demand for postpartum and pediatric care. Since Covid-19, more and more parents are realizing how difficult childcare can be, especially at a time when they are isolated from loved ones who could have helped. It takes a whole village to raise a child – and that’s exactly what clinics like West End Mamas offer.

Ease the transition for pregnant and postpartum mothers

Many expectant mothers believe that a doctor’s office can only help with checkups and warn them about complications. But modern prenatal centers understand that parents in nuclear families also need a clinic that teaches them how to take better care of their health and that of the baby, be it before or after birth.

There is also a gap in the market as most pregnancy centers focus more on prenatal and topical care and postpartum care experts are not always available. The postpartum period is a major emotional and physical change for the mother as she learns to care for the newborn and her health needs careful nurturing while her body recovers from childbirth. Malnutrition, sleep deprivation, and postpartum depression are risk factors that can be prevented with the right care and counseling.

Modern maternity clinics like ours usually have a team of specialists who offer emotional support and comfort at the most important stage of the mother’s life. Whether you’re struggling with lactation, eating healthily, exercising, or even buying the best carrier, clothes, and furniture for your baby, you should have a specialist who can help.

If you are looking for someone who can support your aunts, mother or grandmothers in terms of caring for you and your children, you should consider a pregnancy clinic in your area that has a scientific basis to practice functional nursing to care for you to advise. They can put you on the right track to take care of yourself and improve fertility before pregnancy, help you have a better pregnancy and help you transition comfortably into parenthood when your child is born. There is great psychological comfort in knowing that expert advice is available when you need it most.

Nutritional advice and maternal health

Both pregnancy and childbirth are major events for our physical body. They take a huge toll and proper nutrition is paramount to maintaining the mother’s health.

Naturopathic physicians, who consider the mother’s entire medical and life history, can provide individualized nutritional counseling that prepares her body for this experience. They can help you eliminate all the habits and don’ts related to food choices during pregnancy and recommend nutritional supplements that support a healthy pregnancy.

After birth, their role can become even more nuanced and extend to pediatric care. Since new parents’ entire schedule for the first few months depends on their child’s sleeping habits, maintaining a good diet can be even more difficult. This is where a naturopathic doctor who specializes in postpartum care and nutrition comes in. A naturopathic doctor can help you navigate the issues of good nutrition during this important time and create a plan that takes care of your baby’s and your health. With lifestyle considerations, they can even help you create a grocery shopping list that includes the foods rich in minerals and vitamins that you need the most during this time.

A naturopathic doctor understands that a baby’s nutrition is essentially passed through breast milk, so the mother’s diet plays a key role in the development of the little one. If necessary, your naturopathic doctor can also prescribe nutritional supplements – so that mother and child get the nutrients they need every day.

Chiropractic for babies and mothers

As a pregnant woman’s body undergoes changes and adapts to the new stresses of life, chiropractic care can help relieve all kinds of tension and help the mother use her body to care for her baby without pain.

To prevent muscle strains, headaches, rib discomfort, shoulder problems, and joint problems caused by improper lifting or grasping during pregnancy, ligaments should be treated before they return to their pre-pregnancy state. Chiropractic can restore balance to the pelvic region through exercises, stretches, and manipulations. While the role of chiropractic care during the prenatal period is to facilitate an easier delivery, this form of care focuses on relieving the mother of pain and difficulty walking, sleeping, and more.

Middle back can also be aggravated by new mothers who bend forward for long periods of time. Some mothers also report a change in biomechanics when raising car seats etc. Others may experience a ‘silencing neck’ that occurs as a result of breastfeeding/bottle feeding while looking down for long periods of time. Adjustments to the thoracic spine and pelvis can alleviate these symptoms. Our Prenatal Clinic has specialists who can offer both prenatal and postpartum chiropractic care to new moms who want to make their experience as pain-free as possible.

The many benefits of acupuncture

Acupuncture can help stimulate milk production and improve recovery time after pregnancy.

Among the many postpartum conditions that acupuncture can treat, in addition to restoring your body’s balance and providing optimal reproductive health care:

  • postpartum depression
  • Anxiety and the “baby blues”
  • decreased energy and vitality
  • small amount of milk
  • hormonal imbalances
  • persistent bleeding
  • lactation problems
  • mastitis
  • stomach pain
  • night sweats
  • bleeding
  • incontinence

Other essential prenatal and postpartum services are available at West End Mamas’ Toronto office

Our pregnancy clinic specializes in providing everything you need to support yourself as a mother.

We have experts who can use the Emotional Freedom technique to help you release blocked energy due to trauma and fear. Psychotherapists and counselors are on site to help with baby blues, trauma and postpartum depression. Outstanding osteopathic, physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments are available to relieve your aches and pains. We also have doulas who are the only source of comfort and emotional support during childbirth.

No matter what stage you are at on your journey to becoming a mother, our clinic can help you. We are very proud and passionate about our work and have helped hundreds of women in the Toronto and York areas enjoy their pregnancy and motherhood a little more.

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