fitness class

Daily classes are offered at the “birthbabybody” fitness center. (Courtesy of bornbabybody Chiropractic and Wellness Center)

From new yoga and Pilates centers to medical spas and chiropractic services, several new health, wellness and fitness businesses are emerging in the Lake Travis-Westlake area.

Raevan Bielik, who was born in Briarcliff, co-founded Birthbabybody with lead clinician Katherine Melot to provide chiropractic care with a particular focus on prenatal, postnatal and pediatric services. Their first location opened on the highway in southwest Austin. 290, but the shop recently opened a Bee Den location.

After having three children, Bielik decided to return to the Spicewood area after 10 years to live closer to her parents. She said she’s seen growth from Spicewood to Westlake during that time. “Families are flocking to the Hill Country area,” Bielik said. “Because our demographic is made up of mothers, newborns and families, it just made the most sense to move our second location to where all of the families are moving.”

Fitness businesses include yoga and Pilates studios and a new martial arts studio, Six Blades Jiu-Jitsu, in Lakeway. The latter was started to build a community of strong and confident individuals, said co-owner Steve Hargett.

One factor that could contribute to the growth of the Lake Travis-Westlake health and wellness industry could be the migration of people from the West Coast to Texas, where holistic care is generally more accepted, Bielik said.

“I feel like everyone recognizes that and jumps on board. There is only more access to [these businesses], and I think that’s why people are more open to the services we offer,” Bielik said. “As medicine advances, people become more open-minded. It’s so important to give people these other options. It’s really encouraging to see how Bee Cave and Westlake have evolved.”