Who is to blame for the baby milk crisis?  CDAHK chiropractors promote breastfeeding strategies

“Breastfeeding can help protect babies from asthma, obesity, type 1 diabetes and cot death. It could be a good choice for our baby food shortage,” Chu said.

Chu’s critical role is to operate, manage and raise funds during the development of the chiropractic profession in Chinaand his three terms as Chairman led him to become the “developer of Hong Kong Chiropractic.”

Chu is honored by numerous organizations for his decades of humanitarian service. He made notable contributions to rare diseases (1-7), symptom correlations (8-15), and innovative treatments (16-23). He was listed as the profession’s top clinical writer. He is a Fellow at the Royal College of Chiropractors and is an Advisory Peer Group at Open University of Hong Kong. This year, Chu was recognized for his leadership in establishing breastfeeding-friendly workplaces organized by the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF, the Food and Health Bureau and the Ministry of Health.

In his UNICEF interview, Chu expressed his awe at how responsible chiropractors have been for natural healing, including the promotion of breastfeeding, throughout the association’s 20-year history and service to the country.

“When a new health discipline like chiropractic has been introduced in Aisa, sometimes people can hesitate. We tend to think outside the box to promote natural healing and bring the new trend to a larger audience, and people who love being healthy will jump right on the bandwagon,” said Chu.

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