Why It Helps To Visit Byers Chiropractic & Massage: Car Accident Urgent Care Chiropractor

Kent, WA: Byers Chiropractic & Massage: Car Accident Urgent Care offers life changing treatments for accident victims. These include car accident care, chiropractic care, pain management, rehab exercises, spinal decompression, and massage therapy. Car accident care is a comprehensive treatment that involves specialists taking care of the entire neck and taking x-rays of the spine. Chiropractic care from a chiropractor in Kent includes advanced spinal surgery and chiropractic adjustments. The team uses cutting edge chiropractic techniques, and pain management is focused on reducing inflammation and sore muscles.

Byers Chiropractic & Massage: Car Accident Urgent Care was founded in 1996 for people with various health conditions and symptoms. Treatment reveals the cause of the health problem and helps to find a permanent solution. Dr. Paul Byers leads the experienced team of chiropractors and nurses. He is a graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College West in San Jose and has helped many patients regain full health through chiropractic care.

The availability of a 100% Byers Guarantee is a key reason many car accident victims turn to Byers Chiropractic & Massage. The widely touted warranty spells out several things including over 24 years of treatment experience, time efficiency and comfort design. The Kent clinic started operations in 1996 and has built a rock-solid reputation for providing quality treatments with lasting results. The clinic is specifically designed to help patients relax and feel good. As time is of the essence, the clinic’s goal is to provide accident victims with prompt treatment and care so that they can return to a normal life.

The walk-in clinic was reportedly set up to help patients recover quickly from car accidents. Massage therapy and treatment is an essential part of a speedy recovery in Kent Chiropractic. The focus of the therapy is on achieving healthy muscle and joint coordination. Before the therapy, the team checks how the muscles are moving and performs stretches. Additional treatments can be ordered to restore normal movement and aid recovery.

The facility also offers rehab therapy and spinal decompression therapy. Rehabilitation therapy is a complex treatment that only gets going when the car accident injuries to the spine have stabilized and the soft tissues have healed. This rehab treatment can go a long way in preventing the problem from recurring or the injuries from becoming chronic. Spinal decompression therapy is aimed at patients with disc damage due to back or neck pain.

Byers Chiropractic & Massage: Car Accident Urgent Care is located at 9003 Canyon Drive, Kent, WA, 98030. Your office phone number is (253) 852-1250. Car accident victims can save time and money by visiting the one-stop post-accident clinic that offers massage therapy, chiropractic care, rehab exercises, spinal decompression therapy, and X-rays.

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