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Ludhiana: Even when the Ludhiana Municipal Society started the fog exercise more than two weeks ago, most areas in the city have not yet seen such an exercise.
Local residents claimed that the Citizens’ Service in their areas usually fogged once or twice, which was insufficient and only increased the fogging when people fell victim to vector-borne diseases. However, officials blamed the inadequate machine and the enlarged urban area for the poor coverage.
Vijay Kapoor, a resident of Haibowal, said: “Last year the citizens came with a large machine to do the fogging, only when we raised the issue with the officers involved. This year the monsoon season is coming to an end, but to date there has not been a single mist in the village. ”
Another Gill Road resident, Manjit Singh, said the fogging is only done on paper, not on the ground. He said there was a need to monitor the fogging process and make sure the schedule that officials put in place is being followed.
Krishna Gupta, a resident of Civil Lines, said, “The authorities should make the fog plan a public document so that we can easily check when fog will occur in our area. The problem can be solved if officials share the fog plan on the MC website. ”
BJP Councilor Annie Sikka said, “We have access to small nebulization machines, but large machines have never been used outdoors. It was my turn last week, but the machine has a catch. Then it wasn’t my turn. ”
Councilor Gurdeep Neetu said, “I am still waiting for large machines to arrive at the station. I did not get the fog plan that I had been looking for for a long time. ”