5 Effective Exercises To Help You Get Rid Of Facial Oil

Perhaps the biggest downside to this lockdown lifestyle was the extra “fat” we all seem to have put on. Without access to gyms and parks, people have put on many pounds. Although the body fat can still be hidden when clicking selfies, the face fat cannot be hidden.

Thanks to the stressful life and the ongoing pandemic, we look older than we actually are. If you’ve also built up fat in the chin area, these simple facial exercises from fitness trainer and sports nutritionist Hasti Singh can come in handy.

Chin pull: This is a very basic exercise that can help your face look slim. Sit in a comfortable position and try to pull your chin up and look at the ceiling or sky. This will help stretch your nerves and tone the chin area.

Try to make fish face: Just suck in your cheeks like you do when contouring the face with makeup. Hold the position for five seconds and try to smile with that face. Not only does this pose remove your facial fat, it also gives you a selfie-worthy face.

Lift your face: Another best way to get rid of facial fat easily is to put your hand in a punch shape just under your chin and hold the posture for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise and you are done.

Mouthwash Exercise: A very simple exercise that can be done while brushing your teeth. All you have to do is fill the air in your mouth and then let it jump from side to side. Repeat the process for 20-30 seconds and relax a little. This process will help increase the laugh lines and reduce blistering around the cheek.

Rock’n’Roll: This effective and simple activity not only tightens your chin, jaw, and neck muscles, but also tightens the neck area and helps reduce sagging skin. All you have to do is sit comfortably and keep your head forward. Now bend your head to one side in line with your chin and rotate your head in a circular motion. Keep your back straight and your shoulders down. Do the movements clockwise and counterclockwise for a few minutes.