5 Cardio Exercising Myths That You Should Stop Believing Right Away

Cardio has always been the best part of exercise. It was the all time favorite. When people go on a weight loss journey, they usually prefer cardio exercise. Cardiovascular exercise, or cardio, has a lot of aerobic exercise that requires the body to have a large amount of oxygen. Increasing the heart rate and breathing increases the body’s need for oxygen. It allows the lungs to breathe more to fulfill the desires.Also Read – Viral Video: French Astronaut Shares His Exercise Routine On Board The ISS And Sets Fitness Goals | Regard

There are many misconceptions about cardio exercise for weight loss and its effectiveness. Here are five myths that suddenly become unbelievable. Also Read – Katrina Kaif Performs Her Workout Session For Tiger 3 | Regard

The focus should not only be on cardio, but other things as well. Cardio is undoubtedly the most important element for losing weight. Strength training is just as important. Strength training is also known as weight lifting and it helps you lose weight effectively. This weight lifting exercise is beneficial for everyone, not just people looking to lose weight. It helps burn calories, build lean muscles, and boost your metabolism. Along with this, it also helps in burning fat faster. Also Read – Health Tips: Ghee vs. Oil, Why Is Ghee Better Than Other Oil? Watch video to find

  • First cardio training, then weight training

Another common myth is that you do cardio exercises first, then weight training. That is not true. After cardio training and subsequent strength training, this can lead to injuries and accidents. Intense cardio sessions can lead to weakness and fatigue. Your energy will be used up and you will not be able to complete the workout. It is recommended to practice this on alternate days. If you are thinking of combining them, it is advisable to quit weight training first and then switch to cardio training.

  • Cardio exercise on an empty stomach results in the burning of more calories

Another misconception about cardio exercise is performing cardio on an empty stomach. Without nutritious and healthy food, the body will not be able to withstand the pressure of exercise. A longer fast can lead to a slowdown in your metabolism. It will also make you feel weak and exhausted. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat bananas or nuts 30 minutes before your training session.

  • Cardio exercise in the morning is more effective

Doing this at any time of the day is not critical. The important thing is consistency. The training pattern should be consistent with every performance, be it morning or evening. You have to cover a considerable distance every time you do these exercises. You can also do cardio exercises if time permits.

  • The best type of cardio exercise is the treadmill

This is the most common myth that the treadmill is the best type of cardio exercise. Cardio exercises include rowing, cycling, brisk outdoor walking, swimming, dancing, and more. Emphasizing only one form will not produce positive results. You should also do other exercises to avoid boredom and get positive results.