Fourth edition of the Indo-Oman joint training exercise “Al Najah-IV which focuses on regional security, counter-terrorism as well as peacekeeping, was completed on Saturday, at the Mahajan Field Firing Range in Bikaner in accordance with the statement issued by the Defence Ministry.

The group belonging to the Royal Army of Oman, who came to India on the 31st of July took part in the exercise after the event began on August 1 where 60 members from their respective units and the the 18 Mechanised Infantry Battalion from the Indian Army participated. The ceremonial Closing Ceremony marked the culmination of the exercise.

At the time of the exercise An Army official claimed that the exercise was an ideal platform for two armies to discuss their experiences.

“The exercise was a great opportunity for personnel from both armies to share their experiences as well as develop an understanding of one different’s approaches to the modern challenges of regional security and terrorism,” said Brigadier Jitesh Saia.

The primary goal in this program is to ensure inter-operability , and also to educate the other with operational protocols and combat drills within an Counter Terrorism environment under the United Nations mandate. Both armies succeeded in achieving the goals stated.

“The Indian contingent was from 18th Battalion of Mechanised Infantry Regiment and the Royal Army of Oman contingent was represented by Sultan of Oman Parachute Regiment,” the statement reads.

The exercise was carried out through three stages. The first phase consisted of orientation and familiarization with equipment, weapons and tactical drills of one another by the participants groups. The second part consisted of combat-training, the formulation of joint drills, and then putting the drills into action.

The final phase consisted of an exercise of 48 hours that was a validation of the fundamental concepts and drills that were learned during the two previous phases. “Both contingents together participated in the exercise of validation that included the setting up for Mobile Vehicle Check Post, Cordon and Search Operations, Heliborne inserts and Room Intervention exercises, and the effective use of ICV in a Counter Terrorism environment. The exercise also involved the effective use of the local Advance Light Helicopter ‘Dhruv’ drones, drones, as well as other modern technology,” the statement added.

The report noted the event was tremendous success. It also stated that both armies had an invaluable experience in combat with regards to counter Terrorist and regional Security, and Peace Keeping Operations in an international setting.

The first event of Ex Al NAJAH IV was held at Muscat between 12 and 25 March – 2019.

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