An ode to movement, as long as a little neighborhood is part of it

In the infamous words of Mr. Rogers, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.” The sun is shining and there is just enough wind to whisper coolness. Neighbors ride bicycles; Joggers prance down the street and couples take their dogs for a walk.

Well, my choice of exercise is to haul five gallon buckets of earth down the driveway to fill the edge of my freshly poured concrete. My choice, right?

Let me create a little more vivid picture. I am a 70 year old widow who lives alone and does all of my maintenance. Life has done me good and I thank God every day.

But I watch these joggers, cyclists, and dog handlers go by as I struggle with my 5 gallon buckets of dirt (each weighing 40 pounds, I looked it up), I pause to think – well, really, to myself to rest. What happened to the day when neighbors stopped to say, “Can I carry this for you?”

I challenge all exercisers: keep going, it’s good; But next time you’re jogging, biking, or walking past someone who is struggling, you are bringing back the old days. Stop and offer a hand. You will be surprised how many extra calories you can burn off with a smile.

Cathy Jung,