Are you part of the post-pandemic exercise explosion?


I was shocked yesterday to discover that there are many people who have not yet returned to work. However, for those who have returned to work, it seems like the return to work has awakened something deep inside. Maybe it was because the pants that fit them before the pandemic now had to tighten a bit, or maybe they just don’t fit at all. It seems that getting back to work motivated us to get our fitness goals back on track.


Almost everyone I know who had lost weight and was feeling better in 2019 really had a particularly difficult time recovering from the annual vacation, going into the new year and then taking our active spring through the pandemic.

Apparently it’s not as important to train daily when nobody sees us as when you have to face your colleagues.


In a study conducted by, over 59% of those who did NOT exercise now exercise almost three times a week, compared to not at all.

People who have exercised at least a few times a week have increased their exercise frequency by more than 125%. I’m trying to figure out how on earth can you improve so much? How do you have time? People who already exercised 3-4 times a week also increased their exercise time by about 39%.

The only people who have given up any part of their exercise routine are those who have been on the move at full speed throughout the pandemic. Maybe those people in the office just didn’t have time to exercise, so they used the time, and now that they’re back they’re just too busy to take time for themselves. They cut their exercise time by about 15%. Sounds to me like they have what it takes. You will likely need a little less exercise time and a little more time to relax.


I haven’t really changed my exercise habits. I used to work out from my home gym at Zoom meetings during the pandemic, and now I work out at the gym once a week, trying to do exercises at home like yoga and a little bit of stretching every day. I was so looking forward to going for a walk with my dog ​​Gloria this summer; But honestly the heat kept me inside so I feel like she and I are going to be a little crazy this winter when it might be too cold to go out.

What does it all mean? I think it means we are ready to go back to normal. Back to life. Feel good again day after day. Whether you’re enjoying the gym, dancing in your pajamas, doing yoga, or just taking your pup for a walk, I hope you find your happy place.

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