Bhagyashree does glutes and legs in a new video, says fitness first |  health

Bollywood stars never miss an opportunity to motivate their fans to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle by sharing snippets of their routine. Bhagyashree is also one of those stars who constantly urge themselves to get fit first and urge fans to do the same. She did that in her last post.

Bhagyashree recently posted a role on Instagram that was a compilation of all the exercises she did in one day. The actress is currently on vacation, but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing with her fitness routine.

Bhagyashree shared the role with the caption: “Fitness first… no matter where you are and what you do… don’t give up on staying fit, mobile and agile. #exercise #fitnessmotivation #legworkout #outdoor #workoutmotivation # Workouts #fitness #healthmotivation #nevergiveup. “

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The video shows Bhagyashree, dressed in a red sweatshirt with black training tights and shoes, exercising amidst lush greenery. She did several exercises to strengthen her legs and core muscles.

The role begins with Bhagyashree step up with a knee raise, followed by a step jump, squat with steps, and lunges. All of the exercises that the star did in the clip are great for toning the glutes, thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings and hip flexors. They also help in increasing muscle mass in order to build strength in the body. These exercises also help with burning calories.

In addition, squats and lunges strengthen the lower body and core muscles and increase athletic performance and strength.

Your video motivated us to stay fit first under all circumstances. Amid the pandemic where health seems to be taking a back seat for many of us, Bhagyashree’s video is definitely an inspiration.

Before that, she had also shared a home remedy for a cold and cough. She suggested consuming vitamin C regularly and shared a recipe with tulsi leaves, ginger, honey, and peppercorns.

So are you training today?

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