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Today, 16. that the exercise period for the TO 1 warrants issued in connection with the company’s IPO begins. The exercise period for the series TO 1 warrants runs up to and including October 7, 2021. If the warrants are fully exercised, BoMill will be allocated around SEK 23.7 million (before costs). The Sedermera Fund Commission is the financial advisor and Markets & Corporate Law Nordic AB is the legal advisor in connection with the exercise of warrants. Nordic Issuing is the issuing office.

BoMill issued units (shares and free warrants) in connection with the company’s IPO in October 2020. Each unit consisted of three stocks and two warrants. Starting today and until the end of the exercise period on October 7, 2021, holders of series TO 1 warrants have the right to subscribe for one new BoMill share for each warrant at a price of SEK 7.10 per share. The warrants will trade on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market through October 5, 2021. The warrant holders can exercise their warrants until October 7, 2021 or sell them no later than October 5, 2021 according to their bank’s instructions. If the warrant holder wishes to exercise his warrants, it is important that the warrant holder contact his bank and follow the bank’s instructions and allow some time to process the instruction and payment to be sure he is prior to exercising active period expires. The warrants expire after the exercise period and become worthless afterwards. If all warrants are fully exercised, BoMill will be allocated around SEK 23.7 million (before issuing costs).

The potential proceeds the company will receive from exercising the warrant will be used to accelerate market activities, complete development projects and strengthen its financial position.

“With an increasing need for both higher quality and sustainability in the food production chain, BoMill plays an important role. We are the only company in the market that enables accurate sorting of grain in large quantities based on the internal grains of each grain. I believe our shareholders appreciate both the value proposition of our business and the value BoMill can bring to the world, “commented CEO Andreas Jeppsson.

The terms and conditions for the warrants in brief

Exercise period:

September 16, 2021 – October 7, 2021.

Exercise price:

Owning one (1) TO 1 series warrant entitles the holder to purchase one (1) share of BoMill at a rate of SEK 7.10 per share.

Issuing volume:

There are 3,334,000 TO 1 series warrants outstanding. If all TO 1 series warrants are exercised, BoMill will receive approximately SEK 23.7 million before issuing costs.

Last trading day of the warrants: October 5, 2021.

Current number of shares in BoMill:

15 507 400.

Important dates in connection with the exercise period for series TO 1 warrants

The teaser for exercising series TO 1 warrants in BoMill and the associated subscription form can be found at www.bomill.com/investors/warrants/, www.sedermera.se and www.nordic-issuing.se.

For more information on BoMill, please contact:

Andreas Jeppsson, CEO

Phone: +46 (0) 727 001 182

E-mail: [email protected]

Certified consultant: Svensk Kapitalmarknadsgranskning AB

phone: +46 11 32 30 732

E-mail: [email protected]

BoMill has developed and commercialized a patented technology for sorting grain on a commercial scale based on the intrinsic qualities of each grain. The method is the only one of its kind on the market today and has the potential to become a gold standard in the industry. The company operates in several markets and has sold sorting systems to a number of well-known companies in the grain industry. More information about BoMill can be found at www.bomill.com.


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