Cancer Exercise Program Promotes Health and Wellbeing, Promotes Friendships - Broomfield Enterprise

There are few things in life as devastating as a diagnosis of cancer. Cancer affects the whole person, both physically and mentally, and can have a lasting effect on a person’s life even after treatment has ended.

As scientists continue to discover new and better ways to slow or stop cancer cell growth, there is growing evidence that exercise is an important part of cancer treatment and prevention. Exercise has been shown to help prevent cancer, treat cancer-related health problems, and aid recovery from cancer.

It is for these reasons that the Cancer Exercise Training (CET) program at the Paul Derda Recreation Center was developed. Through the CET program in Broomfield, cancer survivors from across the metropolitan area have found a place where they can learn to exercise safely and set goals that spark and ignite their passion for fitness while improving their overall overall health and more Prevent diseases.

The CET program was developed and directed by certified cancer trainer Lisa Walther and is aimed at cancer survivors of all ages and stages, regardless of whether they have just been diagnosed, are in treatment or are post-recovery. Walther is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and is a two-time cancer survivor himself. Walther’s personal motivation to become a cancer coach began when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30 and discovered that there was no real guide on how to recover her body and exercise for healthy activity. As a fitness enthusiast with a full life ahead of her, her goal is to learn how to safely and effectively rebuild and regain strength after cancer treatment. Now, more than 20 years later, she is effectively coaching and supporting cancer survivors of all ages on their fitness journeys.

The CET program offers a variety of personal and group training options through several course offerings, the most comprehensive of which is Cancer Exercise Training and Health. This course includes a comprehensive pre- and post-assessment fitness and health assessment, developing a personalized training recipe, and group and individual training that promotes healing, wellbeing, and survival in a healthy and supportive environment. Topics covered during the introductory course include strength training, cardiovascular training, fatigue, flexibility, balance, mindfulness, nutrition, lymphedema, neuropathy, and environmental and health precautions.

Participants who completed the program said, “It has given me the responsibility and guidance I need to feel confident and motivated as I learn my new fitness routine.” of the group. No matter how bad I feel from my treatment, I always feel better when I leave. ”And“ As we learn to deal with our “new normal”, lifelong friendships develop. The program has been very successful since it was launched in 2017.

Many of the participants continue the program by taking the bi-weekly CET group continuation course. This course continues to offer structured, personalized training recipes for each participant, but also delves deeper into the advantages of training together as a group, builds camaraderie, responsibility and support and offers opportunities for fitness excursions such as hikes, sporting excursions, etc.

Regardless of whether you were an avid athlete before your diagnosis and want to return to a fitness program, want to recharge your batteries or want to create a training program for the first time on a doctor’s order, the continuing education program in Broomfield! The next session starts on September 6th and lasts until November 10th. Don’t hesitate, because these classes are filling up. For more information on fees and registration, visit, and questions can be directed to Lisa Walther at [email protected]