Chinese military commanders conduct exercise in Inner Mongolia, World News

According to reports, Chinese military Commanders conducted an exercise at the Zhurihe Training Base.

The commanders reportedly belonged to military units linked to Beijing. Tibet and Xinjiang when they did a three-day exercise in Zhurihe, Inner Mongolia.

Last month that People’s Liberation ArmyThe Tibetan Military Command of Tibet (PLA) conducted a military exercise in the Tibetan Plateau.


China’s military had called the military exercise at an altitude of 4,500 meters. carried out “Snow field obligation 2021” at least ten brigades and regiments affiliated with the military command of the Tibet People’s Liberation Army took part in the exercise.

China’s recent military moves even come as US Vice President Kamala Harris During a visit to Singapore last month, the country said it would “continue to force intimidation”.

The Biden government had previously approved the sale 40 howitzer artillery Systems in a $ 750 million deal to Taiwan as it said it would help “maintain rock-solid self-defense and regional peace and stability.”

“In the face of continued military expansion and provocations from China, our government will strengthen national defense and security with an unwavering determination to defend people’s lives and our free and democratic way of life,” US had said.

A few days ago, China’s jet had boarded Taiwan’s airspace even if the country repeatedly complained about the ongoing incursions by Chinese jets and bombers.

The US and China have repeated because of the Problem with the South China Sea.

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin during a visit to Southeast Asia, said China’s claim to the disputed islands “had no basis in international law” when the Biden government tried to reestablish ties with Asian countries amid China’s ongoing military moves in the region.

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