Continued growth in the exercise industry is expected with more home fitness options and personalized technology

Continued growth in the exercise industry is expected with more home fitness options and personalized technology

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Technological innovations and improvements are leading fitness experts to say that 2022 will be a year of continued growth in the industry.

Fitness doesn’t look the same as it did ten years ago. Sports science and technology have improved, and the pandemic has expanded the possibilities of home training.

Although the pandemic closed gyms in 2020, that hasn’t stopped people from working out.

“I actually ran a lot outside,” said Scott Westermeyer from Bismarck, who is now back in the gym.

Before the pandemic, training from home might have meant limited classes. Now, even as gym members returned, the idea of ​​working out from home as a fitness supplement was embraced. Users flock to hands-on, virtual classes that connect users socially and with real-time instruction. Gyms are adding virtual classes to their program.

“You can do exactly what they do here in the studio at home. So that’s something that’s become quite popular, especially during the pandemic, but that’s something we’ve also gotten into,” said Jordan Morman, fitness manager at Proximal 50.

Trainers say both personal training and home fitness are here to stay.

“It’s more about figuring out what works for you. If you can do whatever you want to do at home, great. If you love going to the gym, you know that for a lot of people that’s also a social thing, they like the community feel of the gym, that’s great too. I think they’ll both be here,” Morman added.

The home workout craze isn’t the only way people embrace their health. Fitness technology allows people to tailor exercise and diet to their body type.

“You know that every body is different. Genetics play a big part in that,” said Callie Stein, a registered nurse at Proximal 50.

One technology used in the fitness world is a DEXA scanner. The 1950’s proximal DEXA scanner analyzes body composition. It allows people to step off the scale and instead measure health and fitness progress more accurately.

“The DEXA scan is a good place to start because we can repeat it in six or twelve months. Maybe you don’t see any changes on the scales, but you’ve reduced your body fat percentage or visceral fat, or you’ve not only gained muscle, you’ve even gained some muscle. And even a bit of muscle gain can help our metabolism, which in turn burns more fat. So it’s a great tool that we like to use because sometimes people might not see any changes on the scale, but they will see how their clothes fit and we can then give them specific numbers in a follow-up,” he said Stone.

Fitness pros say we’re likely to see more technology, shorter workouts, and hybrid gym experiences in the future that will persist post-pandemic.

For the past decade, a major question for exercise scientists has been how exercise can better shape aging bodies and brains. Scientists say that exercise of almost any type and amount can positively change how people think and feel.

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