'Demarcation exercise will be based on the last census': CEC Sushil Chandra |  Latest India News

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sushil Chandra stressed the need for a demarcation exercise on Friday while speaking about the problems facing the people of Jammu and Kashmir due to the overlap of districts and tehsils in multiple constituencies. According to a report by the ANI news agency, the demarcation will be based on the 2011 census.

“There is an overlap between the districts and the Tehsils across the constituencies. These indicate that the public is facing inconvenience as a result of these anomalies. In 1995 there were 12 districts, the number of districts rose to 20. The number of Tehsils also rose from 58 to 270. In at least 12 such districts, the constituency boundaries have expanded beyond the district boundaries, ”the CEC is quoted as saying by ANI.

Chandra said the first full-fledged demarcation commission was formed in 1981. The commission presented its recommendations after 14 years in 1995 and the recommendations were based on the 1981 census, after which no delimitation had taken place.

He also said that the commission, headed by Justiciar Ranjana Prakash Desai, was not working on a previously drawn up plan. The CEC said the draft will be prepared and made publicly available for everyone to comment, after which a final draft will be made for the demarcation exercise.

“Before we begin the exercise, let us listen to everyone’s views. Those fears in everyone’s mind should go away, if at all, ”Chandra added. The Commission is on a four-day visit to Union territory to meet with political party leaders and officials before launching constituencies and constituencies in the former state.

What is a demarcation exercise?

The demarcation exercise is conducted to redraw the boundaries of an assembly or seat of Lok Sabha to reflect changes in the population over a period of time. The exercise is carried out by the delimitation commission and its orders cannot be contested in any court. The aim of the exercise is to redraw the boundaries based on the latest census data to ensure that the population of all constituencies remains the same throughout the state or union territory. The procedure can also lead to a change in the number of seats in a state or territory of the Union.